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  1. <Royalty> recruiting active members for node wars. Description -Helpful players -18+ players -Nontoxic environment -Weekend Guild bosses -Active players -Node wars-Castle siege -Accuracy +4 -AP +5 -Health +40 -Damage reduction +4 -Gathering +3 Seige Reduction 10% Fishing +1 Reqs. -18+ -50+ -380 gs, (wiz, witch,ranger,Zerk,Warrior) needed -Discord -Mic -Active -Don't be toxic We are a chill group who love to PVP & we take care of our own looking for more ppl who wanna Get Down With The Crown (Bump Update)-Floki https://discord.gg/XuUqhDA
  2. We can accept a few classes that are not Witch,Wizard,Ranger as I've cleared out inactive people & made some more room. Looking for people who want to node war and focus pvp. πŸ‘
  3. Being completely Honest the Hour that we held y'all off ( Apex ) for us at the time ( Our first Node War ) We was extremely happy to have put up what seemed like the only fight you had. The way you hit our base however taught us how we should be on offense. I'll even admit that fight helped us learn & grow & now we won a node. It was an Epic battle & a lesson learned for sure. Gz on your win on Sunday & thanks for the hour long fight we evolve and learn & like i said i feel like that fight proved to many we belong. I know after we lost out on Sunday everyone else got steamrolled. Thanks Rage & all of Apex for the lesson. πŸ‘‘
  4. 80 people and Growing looking for dedicated players for End Game PVP
  5. Central Market is completely broken right now & they are not really commenting on the issue.
  6. This is the answer you will get from a ticket. It's laughable at best. If anything that "Market place Update" Broke everything. I get it we have a maintenance tomorrow but i have never even got my silver from the last storage bug returned. I stopped using storage for the most part & kept my important stuff in the market & now all that's gone. The fact the GM,s have all vanished tells me it's serious. They should have record of what we all had in the files somewhere. I for one am completely done if this isn't fixed with everything returned.
  7. We also keep events running for 10$ xbox cards. Some are for recruiting & others are for Guild Quests. We try to keep things interesting & fun. Very laid back group of ppl. Working on hitting 100 members we are at 71 right now.
  8. Add me on xbox King sureshot I'll help you with nodes & such if you want.
  9. Same here & i stored lots of stuff in there & got took for over 120 mill & tons of mats a few pets i had bought. This is complete bs.
  10. We also keep events going for recruiting & other events & give away a 10$ xbox card for each event. We do our best to keep everyone involved. We support one another as well. If you get killed everyone will stop what they are doing and come handle it. -Floki
  11. To start my Heidel storage is completely bugged out it says that it's full when it is not. Can't store anything in it. Now my Valia & Calpheon storage is bugged as well. Can't swap gear to play another chr & can't use my nodes. Resetting Xbox doesn't help nor does changing chrs or disconnecting from the game. As is i can't play right now because of this bug. Send in tickets to only get the same bland response. I have buffs running that are wasting away because i can't store anything. I Can't take out anything. Nodes are irrelevant as it says the storage is full. They gotta fix this nonsense.
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