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  1. So i have some pearl items that I tried to transport from tariff to port epheria. Welp its been 3 days. The items are stuck in "preparing" status and the transport boat is lookin kinda wonky on the map. (Shakin, stopping, flickering)
  2. So you're not able to use the extra large and large hp potions to substitute the smaller hp potions in alchemy? I could have sworn this was possible before
  3. I was wondering about that. 1000 amity seemed wild to me but then again I did do it for the repairing skill 😫😂 im holding out hope that some sort of blacksmiting besides worker related will come
  4. I do not know if your team has an individual(s) that are assigned to this or between their workloads, but it would be nice to have someone who works on creating new items for lifeskills. a bunch of new varying cooking, alchemy, etc items that get released each major patch would be fun. Having us players trying to figure out how to make it and what not.
  5. Has anyone discovered anything since the new updates?
  6. That sucks. I thought it would finally work since the armor one did
  7. The problem even presists if you exchange that same pet. I had the issue with a Dog i got with one of the preorder packs. Still cant view its information after exchanging it
  8. Yes this also happens with alchemy. Please fix guys. The work around that i have found is- Press the view/select button (the one that expands chat) it will remove the other popup box.
  9. Hey hey. At first i thought it was my own ignorance but I'm pretty sure this is a bug. I have 5 workers level 10 to 12. When i try to do the promotion test i get a weird error. It only says "There are no Workers" 🤷🏿‍♀️ any clue to why it is refusing to function
  10. I've searched around databases and the bdo apps, but only found small snippets: has anyone tried eating raw materials (fruits, veggies, herbs, shrooms) and document their buff and side effects? I happen to have a character to use as a test dummy but some of the small icons that pop up, i am unsure of what they mean
  11. That sounds interesting. Im gonna search whats in store. The stuff i gathered were lack luster couple of rando herbs (wild grass, sunshine, weeds) its probably due to the coastline 🤷🏿‍♀️ still makes me happy it happened lol
  12. I have had this happen to myself too and it only started a few days ago. The work around i use is to switch to wireless connection. No idea why it started. My router and wires are all new
  13. No i was not talking about coral nodes. I did try to go to those nodes tho, plus some beautiful inviting seashells lmao. I was diving off of velia and the rivers near heidel. I only got the prompt to gather 3 times tho the 3rd time might have been a glitch cause i was a very near to a walk way. In regards to seeds and event items. I received unusual fruit from harvesting. It said it'll only work when The Dream Horse roars across the land. That definitely sounds like something coming in a later update. Do you have any intel on that?
  14. So im doing the little stealing from calpheon parliament quest. The second part is to mark the target. Which happens to be some loot behind the giant gold statur. Now everytime i try and select it I get a "character does not exist" error. Im standing right on it. 🤷🏿‍♀️
  15. EPIC lmao Wow this is actually pretty awesome, i never knew. Thanks
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