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  1. So currently have all of my nodes set up to produce necessary mats for fishing boat... However with the amount of time and mats required to peoduxe multiple boats can someone please explain to me why the cap on sell price is 1.6 silver?? That's absurb I can make that in under an hour grinding for a piece od gear and enhancing and selling. Why is the market so lopsided and doesn't seem to offer as much benefit for likeskillers? Will this change once imperial trade NPCs are added?? Never played before so any help would be appreciated considering the time spent setting this all up!
  2. Once accepting Guild quest and destroying required enemies. No completion percentage or number is being added to counter towards completion. I.E. 800 skeletons in Hexe Sanctuary. Upon killing around 2 dozen, still nothing applied to counter to complete quest.
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