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  1. To be fair I cant show you but I used it on my warrior and only thing I can see is that I get a Cape other then that turn the normal shudad armours into valls cry and cron stones for later use
  2. Had a check myself armour is 46,000 with amenity and I think general price on market is 40,000 so my thoughts are incorrect but was worth a look would of helped new players get a little cash in for bigger things if they didn't wanna crste or do processing
  3. I've seen this and was wondering if it's worth doing not for the general armour but as a profit and loss thing visit worth getting the amity up buy the armour cheap and sell on marketplace for profit having looked into yet just seeing if you may have had the same train of thought?
  4. Guessing your EU like myself I think it's still broken for us to link accounts assume they will be working on this and have a fix soon nothing else we can do I think
  5. Some of the videos I've watched state over 10,000 quests be it finding a lost cat catching a chicken or killing mobs so go back and have a look from where it all began make sure you have conversations and get there affinity (think that's how you spell it) up to unlock special quests people have to offer and go to your profile and turn on all the fishing gathering quests for more hopefully that might fill some more time
  6. https://grumpygreen.cricket/bdo-worker-guide.html Give that a go it's a good in depth guide to workers and what skills they can have plus exp gains that should keep you going but in general guess you would look for a money making guide as well? But what I will say for money making guides is the problem is someone already got there and there worked it for a while so places to farm things will be contested if its combat but the best way to make money is go out a look yourself and hopefully you'll find something noone has but I guess fishing is something that people do afk.
  7. I'm just at work but I've got a few guides I'll post them on here for you when I'm done be about 4 maybe 5 hours any thing you was looking for or just in general
  8. Any news on this in the UK so I guess EU servers email address and password used from main site just doesn't seem to want to link
  9. Have you checked in the pearl menu and used the item to activate it or your stable just a thought you probably already have but thought I'd mention it
  10. Names conor in game name is Ronoc gamertag is Conor Bickley look forward to meeting you all and playing game is full of stuff to learn
  11. Been looking for something like this really helpful thanks
  12. Think it will come with updates and your purchased content should be be in the mail just press what would be the start button on the xbox and go to mail and all your content should be there
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