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  1. So I fully understand that toggling between face Presets will reset any customization I've implemented, but I'm running into a bug a little later on in the process. I get my character EXACTLY how I want them to look, then I back out to the "main menu" of the character creator and press "X" on my controller to name my character and continue to the game. However, every time after I name my character, I notice that the original preset for whichever face I selected replaces all my hard work. The hair and the eyes appear to remain the same, but all of the adjustments made to the face model revert to the preset. I've spent my entire Saturday testing this out and I haven't played a single second of the game. Regretting this purchase big time. If this isn't a bug and there's some strange way to navigate out of the creator that will actually save changes made to the face model, then I highly suggest the menus be reworked.
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