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  1. TitanSlayer1985

    Changing Regions

    Awesome, Thanks
  2. TitanSlayer1985

    Changing Regions

    OH ok. Thanks for your reply. So that brings up my next question. If I switch back do I start over for NA region as well?
  3. TitanSlayer1985

    Tips on Combat with the Witch Class

    Hi, I am a new player to BDO, but I have played WoW, ESO, and a few others in the past. But one thing always comes to all MMO's. There is always a right way and a wrong way to play your character. Are there any guides out there for the XBOX classes especially dealing with the witch? She, so far, is my only character. Any tips are helpful and not just dealing with the witch but tips for a newbie is welcome. I am looking to deal the most damage as possible and am tired of blundering in the dark.
  4. TitanSlayer1985

    Changing Regions

    I have a few friends outside of the USA so maybe add an option to play on EU servers or vice versa if you are in EU and have friends in the NA regions. If there is already a way please let me know
  5. TitanSlayer1985

    The Arcadians is Recruiting

    Gamertag TitanSlayer1985 Fam Name Titanis Char name Kaelanna I would like to join.