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  1. VyrKhor

    <BootyyBanditz> NA - PvP Guild - 350+ GS

    Still recruiting active 360+ GS
  2. VyrKhor

    Main weps

    I mean if you’re doing it right you have plenty of black stones saved up from grinding.
  3. VyrKhor

    Main weps

    You must be insane right? The accuracy jump ALONE justifies the upgrade. If you failstack appropriately it won’t be expensive. It just takes a little time and effort. I have a TRI Liverto on my Lahn and it cost me less than 50 mil to get it to TRI.
  4. VyrKhor

    BootyyBanditz VS BootieBandits ?

    Still going in our favor.
  5. VyrKhor

    <BootyyBanditz> NA - PvP Guild - 350+ GS

    Recruiting 360+ GS for Node Wars. We will be participating this weekend. Reply to this thread or Inbox me for an invite. Join the discord. We know there are some Deplorables out there looking for a guild.
  6. VyrKhor

    BootyyBanditz VS BootieBandits ?

    We’ve seen them all. This particular war started because they were gonna “permadec til you change your name”
  7. VyrKhor

    BootyyBanditz VS BootieBandits ?

  8. What happens when two guilds share the same name...
  9. VyrKhor

    deleted threads?

    Usually moderators on forums respond to the actual threads to give warnings or to explain why a thread is locked. Without doing so users have no idea what to stop doing.