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  1. Silver embroided alchemists cloths actually
  2. Region: EU Name: Cylla Link: https://twitter.com/Jeo320/status/1146135996645412865?s=20
  3. Trained drift in 40 minutes the other day went just east of troll stronghold failed more times to haveing only 0.2 seconds to react rather then it not showing Xbox one x tho
  4. Have seen them pop up in game EU
  5. Not concrete on the number but it's at least a 10 i pulled the T6 male from T3 and the female from T4 both results impossible at 9
  6. Jeo320

    Afk problem

    Do you get thrown off you wagon too like you be a little ahead down the autopath?
  7. @JacsGood call but try levelling some T3 up and breed for T4 they drop all the time then get them levelled up ready for better breeding rates i have done 12 T4 attempts and got only one T5 so it's harsh but all afk so not baf
  8. You had a 59% chance at T4s so seems right
  9. They have said T8 is possible but that is doubtful have seen a few T6 tho
  10. Lost penguin for sky hawk Exchange is in you have to put pet away to see it
  11. Jeo320

    Horse tier

    I pulled the T1 female 2 times with this and never a T2 female
  12. Post are back new video tho no awakening
  13. Maybe they will update in a few hours it when US is in the afternoon
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