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  1. You get not a full co point only a few xp. There is a % next to the cp when it's 100% u will get 1 cp point. Also when u are in the higher cp points you will need much more dishes to trade in.
  2. You meet the requirements. Lvl52 and killing witch Marie. Call your black spirit. Normally he gives you the quest. You have to do a short questline to get the fary. If not go to kamasylvia temple in median and call him there. The fary queen sits next to the nodemanager at kamasylvia temple. If this is not working for you I have no idea. Submit a ticket. Hope this helps☺
  3. Find a farm with a fence run near the fence in circles that you don't fall that far. Also unequip your main hand weapon=10 times faster to mount your horse☺ you will get a little bit less xp for failing the minigame but not much less. You can train 1 horseskill in between 30 to 50 minutes. for the other skills look how you fall of, if you fall backwards lean to a wall=no extra way to the horse etc be creative. Hope this helps good luck😆
  4. They changed it a bit ago. Have the things you want equip in your inventory, stand near to your mount (don't go throug horseinteraction in inventory) go in your inventory press A on the item and it should equip it. Dont know if it is the same with boats now. Hope this helps☺
  5. I bought 2 stable coupons from pearlshop for BALEONIS (Velia,Olvia), one a while ago and one before two days. When you open the coupon you get the wrong itemname, 1 for Olvia like in the desciption but the other one is NOT stated as VELIA! It says +1 EPHERIAPORT! Anyways you get the real +1 Velia stableslot counted only the coupon name after opening is wrong! Regards R4GE
  6. Hey there today I bought the horsetraining costume from the pearlshop and I noticed that the 20% training ep is not showing up in the stats page where you see your setbonuses and costumebenefits. I dont even know if the 20% ep getting added. And second when you click on the ancient puturum bossscroll you get leaded to pila fe node npc and not to the boss summon location. So I can't do them, have 3 of them. Can you please look into this? Thanks Edit the costume was for the wizard
  7. Since today's patch the central market items are no longer put together like before in the categories, they are in a random order!!! It's a whole mess now searching for items, also it seems that the pets draining their food faster than before, need lot more good feed than ever please fix this thank you server EU
  8. I have completed the questseries with no issues, also my elephant came with the lucky nr1 skill quickride😆😅. You need 4x 100g bar 1 to enter shakatu villa and 3 to deliver later to shakatu himself. 1 enter the villa go first floor and talk to the npc 2 deliver 3x 100g bars to shakatu in shakatu 3 go back to villa, next quest gather 20x riverwater (need 20x empty bottle) and feed it the elephant, go back to npc 4 quest gather 100x weed and feed it the elephant, go back to npc 5 final quest go to the stablekeeper I think it was in shakatu and you get your mini elephant coupon use it on stablekeeper. That's all fast and easy😊 hope this helps
  9. Why we dont have the Waterpark Event???😒😪😪 Its not region locked because it is west of Olvia!! Would be nice if we had this! Also the NEW WAGON AND HORSE COSTUME, its themed like the new coral furniture but we dont have it! Sad😥 We need more wagon costumes!!! Everyone looks the same!!!! Bump it uuuuuuuuup!!!!😉✌
  10. True they are super quiet in here, shirna said they read everything but I don't understand why they write/answer super rare in here. Would be nice if bdxteam could write in here at least every 2 weeks and answer some questions or give some response in the forum. Not seen this often that a company is that silence in their own forums lol😅
  11. You will get stuck when you go the bandit route because at some point there is a fence with a small gate where the wagon is not fitting through. Also even with plus 10 wagon gear you will have hard times. The best and safest route is auto path to sand grain basar and then drive throu the desert.☺ just take some water and tea with you for the debuff!😉
  12. You must wait until most of the furniture is loaded in or you have this is issue, had this a lot of times but since I'm waiting a few seconds, this does not happen again.
  13. Do you have a donkey saddle??? If not buy one he can't equipp a horsesaddle😉
  14. I wont taymuh too muh muh 😂😅😦😣😢😭 give me the TAMER!!!☺
  15. Lol i missed that took the crystal quest cause the costume last only for 7 days😂 Have not looked what costumes they where, i thought he has cheatet or whatever, my bad😂i shoud read more haha... Buuut i will instabuy this costume when it is out fore sure, best looking costume ever😍 Thanks for the info mate👍😃
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