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  1. R4GE0fW4R

    Disabling Pop Up Banners

    Hey there, Please for the sake of a better gaming expiriance GIVE US THE OPTION TO DISABLE THE BANNERS WHICH POP UP WHEN PROCESSING, COOKING!!!!!!!!! Most time when I afk process, cook I pull up the world map cause the Xbox runs smother in towns where it is fully crowded. When I get back and disable the world map then we have a 20-30 minutes POP UP OF ALL THINGS WE HAVE PROCESSED, COOKED and the actually process of that actions was loooooooooong time finished!!!!! THIS IS THE MOST ANNOYING THING IN THE GAME WHEN THIS POPS UP FOR THAT LONG TIME, ALSO THE SOUND TO THAT!!!! We don't need to see what we have processed on top of the screen! If we want to know this than we can already look in the chat window what we have crafted or how much. PLEASE GIVE US THIS OPTION THANK YOU☺
  2. We can't see the current stock NUMBER when we select a price, because the number is overlapping with the price at least in German. The pre order number is fine but I can't read the number of stock! Just put in the numbers for stock on left side and numbers for pre order on the right side without text, this would fix this issue!!! Thx @CM Shirna
  3. Worker repeat is alrady in go to your working bench-select worker-select task-press Y to set the amount of the task he should complete up to 50k ☺ I have done this today for steel axe production and copper/wood crates👍
  4. R4GE0fW4R

    Extra Servers

    We really need more servers☺ this would help a lot with the crowded towns who is currently with the game pass players a lagfest and we had more grinding zones too. Not everyone has the money to upgrade to a one x! Even in the morning hours are at least 2 servers on EU always crowded now. We need at least 2 new channels, val2 and med2 would be nice☺
  5. Oh man this is the best thing they ever added😀 AWESOME 😍😍😍 and thanks for the info here😉👌
  6. Lol what have not noticed this. When this is real then slap me in the face😅. I must test this tomorrow HYYYYYPE 😲😲😲
  7. R4GE0fW4R

    How many pets?

    I don't think there is a limit how much pets you can have, only how much you can have outside and that's currently 4. I have right now 6 or 7 pets so don't worry 😀
  8. R4GE0fW4R

    Setting Waypoints is messed up!!!

    Hello @CM Valencia, @CM Trent Since todays minor patch setting waypoints does not work properly! Especially when there is no road like the wildernes!! When you set a waypoint lets say near Valencia City but a little outside and you go with autorun there it does not calculate structures like rocks and so on anymore and makes a straight line until it hits a road, regardless of rocks, terrainhighs... This happend not before this patch! Pls fix this! Thx
  9. R4GE0fW4R

    Login issue server EU

    I just logged in! It should be good now😃
  10. R4GE0fW4R

    Login issue server EU

    Iits back again happend at 18:13 pm for me ERROR 503😪
  11. R4GE0fW4R

    Login issue server EU

    We really need more channels val 2 and med 2 would be nice this would help the lagfest also we would have more grindspots😃
  12. R4GE0fW4R

    Cue weekly rage quit :)

    Ranking is the least thing we need lol but the other things+1 hope they gfix the UI loading bug it takes forever to load the dark background UI from NPC centralmarket and so on, that u can read it.
  13. R4GE0fW4R

    2 Suggestions

    Hello, so I have 2 QUOL suggestion that would make life easier. 1) can you pls move the horseskill site from the RT button to left or right stick 1 time clicking and 2) please make seeds stackable they don't spoil why do they not stack? They taking too much space in inventory!!! Thx☺
  14. R4GE0fW4R

    Boss armor/weapon upgrades

    Boss gear is really a "bitch" lol i needed for my kzarka 50 failstacks for +15 😭 and then it went with 5 FS to PRI 😅 I'm not blessed with luck/RNG to lol it's ridiculous how low the enhancement chance for boss gear is in this game. But yeah everyone will get there gear sooner or later.
  15. R4GE0fW4R

    Resource Error Is Back...

    I'm seeing this very rarely since they patched this. But it happens mostly in calphion with the lot npcs and structures loading. I have the texture looking like playdoh all the time when I came across thus areas when the next begins every time. I got used to it but it's annoying because of the beautiful world design. Also I'm playing on an 8 year old normal Xbox one, so this is for sure the issue. But what really annoys me as he'll is since the Valencia patch the dark backgrounds from CM, npcs and so on loading extremely slow, so I have to wait around 3-5 seconds until the background UI is loaded! I can't read anything without the dark background. This has not happend bevore the the Valencia patch!! Idk they messed something up with last patch, maybe tomorrow's patch will fix this bug. I hope so fingers crossed😉