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  1. R4GE0fW4R

    Residence Soft Lock

    You must wait until most of the furniture is loaded in or you have this is issue, had this a lot of times but since I'm waiting a few seconds, this does not happen again.
  2. R4GE0fW4R

    I can’t equip my saddle on my donkey

    Do you have a donkey saddle??? If not buy one he can't equipp a horsesaddle😉
  3. R4GE0fW4R

    Ninja coming on 10th of July

    I wont taymuh too muh muh 😂😅😦😣😢😭 give me the TAMER!!!☺
  4. R4GE0fW4R

    Shark Outfit in game???

    Lol i missed that took the crystal quest cause the costume last only for 7 days😂 Have not looked what costumes they where, i thought he has cheatet or whatever, my bad😂i shoud read more haha... Buuut i will instabuy this costume when it is out fore sure, best looking costume ever😍 Thanks for the info mate👍😃
  5. R4GE0fW4R

    Shark Outfit in game???

    How is this possible that a player is wearing the SHARK OUTFIT, and YES the real with the sharp teeth , the sharkfin on the back and hands/feets NOT the Fishcostume, when this is not in game yet????😱😱😱He had coloured it Black the body and Red the feet. Alot of ppl has seen it and was staring at him. He was a member from Alpha, standing in velia near the CM and alot of ppl was looking at him! Cant remember his name and i forgot to make a picture, 😂 Was there a givaway, a certain event or anything, that i have missed???😮 I have instalooked in Pearlshop but it is not there, how hase he got this???? Server EU Valencia1 at 18:40 gmt+1 seen this member from Alpha at Velia CM
  6. R4GE0fW4R

    SHAI Floating boomerang

    It's a magic florang😅 but yes it's looks annoying 😨
  7. R4GE0fW4R

    Stop dumping lifeskillers

    1st the hedgehog does NOT affect hards and sharps, lucky and magic tools for shure. 2nd you can in no way get 8-10 hards/sharps within 30 min. When you are really lucky maybe 2-4. And 3rd you can not burn 215 energy in 30 min with only gathering at artisan 8. I'm artisan 3 close 4 and burn around 200 energy in an hour or above, so no way😜😂😉
  8. R4GE0fW4R

    Imperial Trading NPC

    So the patch notes says that Imperiall Trading NPC are activatet and we can now talk to them.... Buuuuut they dont show up/are not there at all!!! Can you look at this pls, i have only checked Velia and Altinova so far, they are not there😒
  9. R4GE0fW4R

    Share your Shai Submission thread!

    I want see her in the dark🤣👌😱👻👻👻creepy
  10. R4GE0fW4R

    Share your Shai Submission thread!

    Region: EU Character Name: Saphir_Shai Link: https://twitter.com/R4Ge0f/status/1141328839764787200/photo/1
  11. R4GE0fW4R

    Xbox one player

    26th june😉
  12. R4GE0fW4R

    Inventory item stack count color

    I second this, its super hard to read the numbers i storage, when put in the ingredient for cooking/alchemy and so on, the numbers are to small at all! Having hard times to read them, also im wearing glasses😂. We need bigger numbers, also more highlightet👍
  13. They will NOT do cross play!! CM Shirna said this in the last stream because the gap between the Xbox and ps4 is to big! So no hope for you who want crossplay😟
  14. R4GE0fW4R

    Horse training is IMPOSSIBLE right now!

    You can train a skill from 25% to 100% between 30 and 50 min even if you fail the minigame. You will still get xp and it takes only a few min longer then with minigame. Just ignore the minigame. And a pro tip unequip your main hand weapon and you will save a lot of time with mounting your horse☺
  15. R4GE0fW4R

    Processing issue

    I had the issue yesterday, no matter how often I relogged or started the game New. Today it was fine I was able to process feathers like usual. I don't know why it has not worked yesterday the A button on screen was disappeared in the sieving section but today it was fine☺