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  1. Where is screen adjustment? Why can’t I adjust the size of text why ? Oh but I can disable world chat now ...... phhhj wow i could disable chat in general from day one . Still has bad UI can we get a classic or modern version of the UI I like the pc better
  2. There is no true pay to win its pay for convenience, people with high gs are just losers I’m at 450 and it took me a while and I’m a loser too
  3. The only people worrying about Tet are super low life’s who waste all their money on this game let people catch up to these low life’s first then you can release the flood gates for low life’s to run the game .
  4. Lol wow , I kinda figured he wasn’t in the game yet but thanks man for giving me this information I feel better now 😂
  5. I’ve spent two hours already looking for this stupid NPC and I’m pissed offf now cause of this stupid ass system where you have to talk to pointless NPC’s just to gather knowledge . This system is the dumbest most tedious thing I’ve ever done in a video game . Where the love is chuck at ? It shows him in the middle of the forest near Olivia but he’s not there ?????? loving stupid !! I bet I have to talk to someone else in order to talk to him . This game is nothing but a waste of time and life just for one energy . I rather cut myself slowly then to do this crap , if you going to have NPC’s walk around ATLEAST have their icon move as well . The more and more I play the more I don’t want to play cause of tedious **** like this . He’s the last one I need to finish Velia off too so it’s even more annoying seeing ?????????? And not being able to locate him byclicking it .
  6. Yay I love spending money on pointless items yay best update ever ! I love it I love it can’t forget about the * one * item increase scroll we get everyday yay ! Just one everyday ! Yay less rewards for more playtime yay ! spending endless amounts of hours grinding pointless mobs that drop nothing but garbage yay ! Oh look my inventory is full of trash I can’t use yay ! I place it on the market and it doesn’t sell at all yay ! Spend real money for a few fake inventory boxes on a screen yay ! Spend over 80$ on pets just to get +5% fishing exp YAY !!!!!!
  7. Another patch so you can spend money that’s it . Yeah don’t improve your game at all by giving us screen adjustment that they promised in the last big update no no no pearl shop is more important. More content ? No no no more pearl items .I already created a post expressing my opinions on the pearl shop and how it’s over priced bullshit but I digress . At first things were going good for updates now they are coming at a slow pace
  8. Yeah the grind is real in this game it reminds me of warframe . I put a lot of hours in that game and I didn’t spend a dime for the platinum but like you said some games have different motives when it comes to thier cash shop , I understand now I was bitter about spending 20 dollars just to get 200 weight but F it I love playing this game there’s so much to do I don’t mind support the developer it’s just that salty taste you get knowing you spend 17$ for 200LT and experience players will know that ain’t nothing lol
  9. Yeah this is my first real big MMO game I really got invested in I bought th ultimate edition and I realized even that wasn’t enough lol but I’m starting to understand not to give in to temptation lol but all we can do is try
  10. At the end of the day you choose if you want to spend money but it’s obvious that they are manipulating me into purchasing this useless crap but I digress
  11. Yup gotta spend that check if you wanna get some results in PvP Yeah that’s crazy you get shafted with the silver lol
  12. I said dollars because you play 20 dollars for 2,000 pearls obviously .... you need to stop trying to sound smart when you don’t know what the hell your talking about dude . Stay in England with all that attitude just because we want REASONABLE prices dude not everybody is living with thier mom and using her allowance to fund this game .im not made of money i only have s problems with inventory and weight pearl prices I believe they are overpriced and should be a few hundred pearls less than what it is would be ideal at less 1350 pearls for 200 LT and 1150 pearls for 16 inventory You need pets if you want to play this game so everything is not a convenience purchase like you say it is you need weight so your going to pay money for weight or storage madis like listen to yourself
  13. I think your confused or something when I say Prices im not meaning when you purchase the pearls from the Xbox store I don’t care about that I’m talking about the values of which a item cost in pearls 1700 pearls for 200 LT ? On pc I think it’s around 1400 ? If I’m not mistaken why would tax have anything to do with pearls ? Your confused my guy
  14. So almost paying 20 dollars for weight is because of “ console tax “ .... yeah how f@@@ dumb is that of an answer . So it’s more on Xbox because it’s on a Xbox ? Is what your telling me ? Prices should be be the same regardless of any sort of tax . It’s not fair I’m spending more money for the same item I can get cheaper on the pc . People like you are the reason why companies do **** like this cause you don’t say anything you just put thier d%%# in your mouth . Not me buddy i dont mean to be rude that’s just how I feel . I never spent so much money before on a game it’s actaully kind of embarrassing.
  15. Almost 20$ for 200 weight ? Almost 15 dollars for inventory space ? What are these prices I spent too much money already PC prices are way cheaper and better for certain important items and why is that ? That’s not fair I don’t mind paying money for weight but when it’s 20 damn dollars it kinda hard to justify that purchase in my head . Fix these prices or have a flash sale once every two weeks or something I’m sure there are more things in the pearl shop that’s wayyyyy over priced but you can be the judge for that .
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