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  1. Very logical suggestion -- unless it's some sort of huge coding change. Why not try it .. chuck one out there ... it'll either be flooded or it won't. The bummer about staying at 49 is that you can't progress past a point.
  2. HAHAHAHAHA ... so you think if open world PvP were on NW and ESO and Tera that they'd be not dead (to you)??? Perhaps those games seem dead because of ... oh, no new content .. or .. oh , wait .. glitchiness? PvP is not a sole savior of MMOs. And, y'all think that people here don't want PvP at all ... no one has said as such. Clearly the karma system isn't strong enough of a deterrent to offset people pk'ing someone afk or lifeskilling. All you need is a few hours of grinding and it's gone. And, oh, wait, this game is pretty much nothing but grinding - so, no real loss. Not only that, but there are times it's actually advantageous to have guards kill you - and ppl on the road are more plentiful than horses. D-bag pk'ers (probably like you) are what add to the un-fun unsportsman-like aspect of this game. Why else would you defend it so hard? hmmmmm There is a time and place for everything. Ppl here don't want NO PvP. Not sure why y'all are so threatened by the aspect of some sort of PvP protection (like when lifeskilling). Hmmmmm ... wonder WHY. Y'all are transparent.
  3. YES! This. SUPER annoying when you're trying to sprint. It likes gets put away, then comes back out for a sec.
  4. Name 5 on Xbox .... I can think of 3 .. and one is questionable to call an MMO
  5. Ooh! My bad. That makes better sense now. 😁 Now that I think about it, it is a little odd that there not a quest to do something PvP. Like an arena match ... Or maybe a "go kill someone AFK and recover all your karma" quest .... LOL
  6. Pearl Abyss ... please folks -- something needs to be done about the juvenile discussion going on -- seems as soon as school gets out all the kiddies get on and try to out-offend. Kills any real game discussion altogether. Can't block them or anything. *update: this is on Serendia* -- please tell me there are better servers out there -- seems my guild is dead anyway*
  7. You'll see it pop up when you hit 48 or 49
  8. I'm curious where Pearl Abyss actually says it's solely/mainly/only purpose in becoming your true self a PvP game. All'a'y'all people that scream and yell that it's only purpose is pvp -- does that come from PA? or does it come from you? (honest question) Interestingly enough ... the overview from the PA site doesn't even mention it .... Oh, and why is there even a 'PvP' designation for servers (not that I've ever actually seen it used) -- maybe a PCer will know
  9. Why can't a suggestion just be thrown out there? Jeez. You vocal PvP or leave-rs really do come off pretty dang salty. You never know, the console demographic is probably a whole lot different than the PC's. You never know, PA might listen. They might look at stats -- how many toons never get to 50. How many toons within a family aren't played again after hitting 50. How many of them stop playing the game totally. How many spent real money in the game? Potential lost revenue might matter to them. Numbers won't lie. No one's asking for the PvP to go away. No one's asking for the game to be entirely changed. There already exists a "PvP" designation on servers - why? Take a breath, other people have other opinions and they're all worth hearing.
  10. You just won today!!! Like seriously, who cries harder? Some people are like -- "hey, having the ability to play both ways would be nice." Then the big temper tantrumers come out screaming and pitching their fits. Maybe they're scared there won't be any life skillers or low GS'd 50s out there to pk while auto-running. Adulting is fun.
  11. The male is a reward horse. That being said, I had exchanged the T5 I got from buying the Ultimate pre-order, and a T5 black pre-patch. It would seem I can sell the T3, but I'm not ready to try that yet, it gives me a price. I did try doing an exchange with the same male to a different female - same error. That would really stink if they did that. Guess I'll check patch notes.
  12. As of this morning's update (4/24/2019) I am unable to perform a straight horse exchange. I am able to do a normal breeding. Steps: Select the male and female (both have 0 breedings left, both are at full health/stamina) Select payment source (tried both on hand and storage) Select default name (still unable to pick a name) Result: error "This mount cannot be exchanged". I've also Verified stable has empty slots (stored = 3, stable status = 8 ) The male horse was used in a normal breeding earlier in the day, but it is not my understanding that horses can't be used more than once a day - pretty sure I've used a male more than once a day before the patch this morning.
  13. It is mighty cool that we can change skills unlimited until that point tho -- other games , not so much.
  14. Yeah, bugs me too. I keep starting over until I get one of the few rando names that I can live with.
  15. And you're entitled to your opinion, as is everyone else entitled to theirs. This forum isn't a DEMAND OR DIE , but .. PA's asking for suggestions. SO that's it. This game is already not EXACTLY like it is on PC, it's for consideration. The PC population and console population tend to be different. And guess what, that's okay! If PA wanted the game to be EXACTLY like it is on PC, then guess what .. THIS FORUM WOULDN'T EXIST. At all. Why would they want suggestions if it's already perfect? psh. And not that it matters, but there aren't hundreds of mmorpg's on console. you overstate yourself. There's not even a dozen. No one here has even said all pvp is evil .. just the d-bags that pk people for no reason are a huge joy killer. Should they decide to add a pve only server, we'll be sure to not say hi to you, since you won't ever be there. I like how you said you're not a 'heavy' pk'er, you gave yourself away. Now go find yourself someone fishing and steal them from the shore overnight to kill them -- cuz, that's sport.
  16. And because you've only been 'force' pvp'd twice means everyone else is making it up. Because your reality is the world's reality? #smh
  17. I can't seem to view pet information for several of my pets - seems like it's the baby Fogan and the Snow Wolfdog. Other pets work, show me the info window - just not those 2 guys. 1 is not upgraded (Fogan) the other is.
  18. Agreed! And viewing pet info is bugged - it'll only show some of the pets info, others it does nothing.
  19. YES .. this. Agree 100%. Simply being able to go to a GT from chat is helpful -- to add friend, or block ...
  20. I think that it's fair to say there is definitely a population difference in play style pc vs console. Yes, there are die hard pvp'ers, die hard pk'ers, but .. I would wager that there are more pve'ers on console games vs pc. It's not that I don't ever want to pvp -- but having servers w/o forced would be nice. It's annoying as heck to get pk'd running to a town. Pearl Abyss, I hope you notice how many of us are not fans of forced pvp -- mostly because of pk'ers - not even 'fighting for grind spot' pvp'ers. It's these frustrations that start making a game unfun. I have zero problem with the whole fighting for grind spots thing -- it's the d-bags that pk for no reason. Negative karma consequences aren't enough. Wouldn't it be funny if you hit say -500k karma that your family were grounded for 1/2 a day. Or -1m a whole day. There's no benefit to PK someone (especially life skilling) -- so why not make the karma consequences bigger - family wide, not just toon specific. And, I've said it before -- there needs to be a cool-down between flag-up -> do damage -> flag down -- another d-bag move to start a fight only to wait for the defender to flag up and to then flag down to karma bomb them.
  21. if any additional censoring were to be be put in .. i'd say the filters should auto remove "\"s and "/"s and any other characters the children put in to put in to bypass the censor --- "you're a pe\nis" .. reallly children? gtfu -- either remove filtering, or make it actually better please.
  22. LOL .. I even opened a ticket about not being able to reply to a ticket -- and yeah, that's what they said:
  23. It looks like skills can be unlearned one at a time on PC , please add this to console ... doing a full respec because you want to undo one or two skills is pretty frustrating.
  24. Totally agree. Straight rando gives everyone a chance to progress and not the best of the best getting exponentially better while everyone else gets a hunter's seal.
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