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  1. I feel like boss gear is stale. Best in slot, but honestly asides from getting that "gear score" up it's not wildly better than Green or Blue tier. So my idea would be individual bosses get sets. Dim Tree, Muskans, Griffons, Urugons, Red Nose, Bheg's, with each set focusing on different stats like AP, DR, Eva, HP, but all pieces should have similar DP cause gear scores are such an important thing to people. Obviously none of these ideas below would be an absolute must but just throwing out some ideas. Dim Tree set and pieces can focus on health and health regeneration. You're a plant man, get that sunlight and grow buddy. Set bonus can be bonus health regen based off missing health %. Urugon's can be DR focused. Set bonus can be sacrifices all evasion for even more DR. DR has always been a disappointment. Muskan's AP. The Monk's set can focus around having average DR and EVA, nothing special, but an AP boss set. Cmon. Set bonus can be bonus attack speeds/crit with lower health Griffon's Evasion. I feel like big bird jumps around a lot, and feathers, and yeah. Feels more evasiony to me. Since EVA accessories have less or no AP on them the set bonus could be successful dodges give a damage buff for the next 2 seconds and can stack up. So the more you're being attacked and dodging the more damage output you have but quickly disappears out of combat. Bheg's accuracy. He spins it right round right round baby. Like Muskans, just average DR and EVA but hidden accuracy. Set bonus can be accuracy related. The more you attack a single target the more accurate you become. So a Bheg vs Griffon fight would look like Griffon's EVA is stronger earlier in the fight cause it's buffs to damage with dodges but if Bheg's guy drags it out accuracy isn't a problem anymore and he can pull ahead. Red Nose's current buff of HP regen might as well not exist. Garbage. Maybe Red Nose can be a CC resist set or even a noob gear set of average stats but bonus EXP/weight/etc. An Alt armor set when you're leveling new characters. OR, a very average set but more slots for crystals. Maybe 3 or 4. Set bonus could be to extend buff/scroll/food durations 50%.
  2. Cause Witch/Wiz heals are incredibly easy to knock them out of and anything with a grab vs a zerk should use the grab then and only then to also prevent them from using their heals. Striker's heal is weak compared to the previously mentioned so if you can't kill him cause his heals2op then lol thats on you
  3. 1) Disable escape. Its cancerous 2) When you kill someone have them drop "toes". Something weightless to collect like a # to flex. Gimmie ya toes 3) Durability loss in pvp is no fun. Should just let us bang it out. 4) longer potion cool downs in pvp or a type of potion sickness where they get less effective 5) karma loss should be based off level not GS.
  4. You're daggum right. Nah they were just in sz talking a whole lot so i put it up for them to see. They did.
  5. The P2W hasn't even started. These 30 dollar outfits ppl buy for corn stones? Imagine needing to break down multiple for each attempt. The crown stones required for tet and pen gear are insane. You could risk dropping down though or spend a few hundred mil at the blacksmith or wait and hope you get lucky buying an outfit since you cant put bids for multiples in the CM
  6. Mansha forest silver bars 14 each theres quite a few elites there. I guess if you hop around server to server you can make something out of it
  7. This is so accurate. Rangers are 1 trick ponies and it's a very OP trick. Shotgun spam should not be a thing. It's so broken the entire rest of the skill set is ignored
  8. Oh I make tons of lucky shining steel tools lol magic are just better
  9. Can we get these right now in game? Not including the hedgehog pack
  10. So just go deep and steel dagg and an ogres mayb?
  11. That's the vibe I get. No amount of dp is going to save me from a fisting.
  12. I'm thinking, as a wizard, going tri steel dagger and accessory benshos necklace for some extra dp. More cost effective than an ogres for sure. Otherwise its bronze dagger and ogres?
  13. I'd like to throw in a saved spot in inventory so it goes to the same spot every time you unequipped or move it
  14. Oh that's a good one. Maybe an in game entire guild voice chat system?
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