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  1. Sounds like fun to me... 😀...and sorry about the derail OP. I was just curious since it was mentioned, and it ended up being pretty educational. So far as classes, I really hope some type of Necromancer male class is introduced. I see what ESO is doing and a BD version would be great. The female classes outnumber the males in the full lineup. They won't be able to give 2 males and 2 females every time. A nice balance would be cool. I definitely enjoy the ladies, though.
  2. I thought the majority of the "ocean" content came from the Margoria update, like the advanced boats, ghost ships, Sea monster threats, treasure hunting, etc... Seems hefty enough, but if it caused a lot of balance issues, I can see the concern.
  3. Margoria should be released after Valencia. It definitely should come before Kamasylvia, like it did on PC, just for the extra content. I hope it's first half of 2019 and they just haven't mentioned it.
  4. Before the last 2 updates we were able to toggle if we wanted certain pieces of horse gear to appear or not, while being worn. The option no longer works. When will this be fixed?
  5. Will the option to unhide them in the open world outside of towns and cities become available? Seeing the pets of others (outside of housing) is what motivated me to purchase them in other games. I think the game would benefit from this option on the Xbox. People who don't visit the instanced homes of others need this option, so that it can bring more support to the game. Pet sales would increase greatly IMO.
  6. Great Job. Communication is the key. You even gave players tips on where to be, just to prevent the rage. lol. 👍🏽
  7. I agree with all of these points. I keep forgetting to select these quests and I have no idea why it doesn't save, or at least have a save option.
  8. This is the problem. You think it's alright to ignore everything about the game, because everyone is addicted to focusing on end game gear. Everything before the end game shouldn't suffer. I addressed the possibility of equipment drops, accessory, and weapon chance dropson mobs. Those have nothing to do with excessive inventory space... Your argument doesn't even match my statements. I figured a shallow "everybody is focused on end game gear" response was lingering out there. It's just sad to see the excuse being used for tons of many players and "new" players that enjoy the game before those who are addicted to rng and complain about it get to dictate the entire Black Desert community. The streamlining should be started as late as possible. Your "you don't have to play", and "deal with it" comments are expected....And you don't dictate change. Since you just sit back and be quiet, and play..Practice it here. Dont change for me.. I'm sorry that "variety" got in the way of your boss gear chasing. Can't have "variety" getting in the way of you chasing those couple of pieces right? 🏌️‍♂️..I get it. This is sad.
  9. Working very nice in what way? Discuss the game. I'm well aware of what I can do. I'm a consumer. Not sure if you are aware of how business works in the gaming world, but all of the "known issues" and the purpose of a forum is to discuss and address the game... Let them address it (or not..as you stated) . Leave the cape crusading to the movie business. Saying "yes" to everything does just as much damage as a constant "no". That's why it's called a "gaming community". Everyone doesn't have to agree. I think the loot drops made the game less streamlined and gave more variety to to a goal. "It worked better". Can I play the game and speak on issues? smh
  10. 🗣️...Let me get this straight.... In a game about decision making and not taking a streamlined path to develop your game experience, you guys decided that "removing" content from the game to reduce inventory space was a good idea? This pretty much reduces the uniqueness of Black Desert from being a game heavily in crafting, that still has a loot based drop system for weapons and equipment, to a another typical "run to the NPC to buy your gear" game. Reducing options is not a good idea, and I don't know anyone that asked for this. Why on earth would you guys reduce the option of variety and choice in a game all about variety and choices? This is a bad idea. It's a sandbox MMORPG built around the concept of constant items being collected, and that's why you have storage management, pets, extra bag space, extra storage space, etc.... I hope this decision will be reversed immediately. It's counterproductive to what the game is all about. Reduce the drop rate, if you guys are worried about NPCs not getting enough love, but having them not drop at all is just a bit extreme.
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