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  1. I mean it is most definitely P2W as you have the chance to advance much faster if you have money to burn away. I do want to point out the chance factor of the whole thing as you might spend thousands and not even hit a single pen if you're unlucky. Doesn't make it any less true, however.
  2. The survey is posted on their main website as well.
  3. RNG is RNG. It doesn't matter if you're failstacking right or not. I've blown up accessories going for tri at 50 fs and have gotten tets on 30 fs. Hell, someone even posted a video of getting a pen at 35 fs. Just a straight up meme.
  4. Skill makes no difference if someone outgears you. The difference between 350 gs for example and someone that's at 400 is so big that you might as well not even try at PvP. Skill only matters when you're close to your opponent's gear score and nothing else.
  5. Witches have three different colored orb buffs available but the vast majority of players doesn't seem to use them. Prolly is what you saw.
  6. Depends on the type/gear color. Kzarka needs 127 crons for tet, 530 something for pen (lul). Greens to tet are like 31 crons per attempt. And obviously crons were made for players to be forced to spend money if they don't want their gear to downgrade. You'd need 530m for one attempt at pen if you were buying the crons straight from the vendors with silver. Why would you do that when you can swipe your credit card for a couple hundred crons at a time? Not that it's worth it at the pen level even though I saw people doing back to back pen attempts when the update first came out. You'd need to spend around 400 bucks at that point to even do one pen attempt. And that's not counting the other systems in place such as durability degradation to make enhancing even harder than it has to be. The gambling feedback loop in this game is so very thinly veiled it's just funny.
  7. Just trying to pen kzarka you need 530+ cron stones per attempt and to even get a 10% chance you're probably gonna need 100+ failstacks. I've seen people failing multiple tet attempts at a 100 fs so just lel. Tri-Tet is the true soft cap in this game. For the vast majority of players hitting pen will never happen unless you have a credit card ready and are willing to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars. I like the game but it really is a dumpster fire. The only point of the game is grinding for that extra AP/DP point and PvP doesn't even give any rewards so what's the point of working so hard to gear up when you get nothing tangible out of it?
  8. 204 is with an AP offhand correct? You might get better damage off using an accuracy off hand. I don't think AP one is good for pvp unless you have tri bheg/RCE + precision stones. Getting closer to 100% hit rate is better than missing more even though you have higher damage. My DK is 178 AP with acc off hand and she doesn't do too badly. Still not as good as other classes but manageable.
  9. According to everything I've seen DK is pretty ass until 260 AP then it becomes OP. But at that point any other class with that kind of AP is gonna be just as strong if not stronger so it's just whatever. Might be better off rerolling to a difference class.
  10. It looks like they're using AP off hands which isn't as effective as just going acc. I think average for Acc offhand is 180-185 if you got everything else tri.
  11. Yeah they said that almost a month ago and still nothing. 🤔
  12. 25% is still a 75% fail rate. It is still an abysmally low chance to proc so it's not surprising for someone to fail that many times. RNG is RNG. I one tapped my sub weapon from +15 to duo at 0fs fu/cking around. But haven't been able to get Tri after 8 tries on 30+fs. It is what it is.
  13. As with most things in this game I'll go with RNG. 🙄
  14. Witches/Wizards are probably the best class to do Kzarka on. If you're not doing any damage then you're doing it wrong by most likely being too far away from him. Easiest way to tell if you're hitting him is to check for back hits/critical to pop on the screen or just make sure your reticle is red so you know you're close enough.
  15. I'm glad to know you aren't affected by such basic needs such as having to go to work. 🤔😂
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