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  1. Been 2 weeks where's the info ?
  2. Tera did an extremely good job of informing and providing news. Their forums were not very good. But they had/have discord servers which are top notch. Very helpful and made a decent community of players hyping the game. BDO tho and this forum. It's been up for 1 months + and nothing. It's really disappointing and quite pathetic. It's useless. It should never had been made official as it kinda just ruins the hype. It looks like 10 people are interested in this game.
  3. Hey Black Desert! I want to make a suggestion based upon recently playing Tera on Xbox. It released a day ago but the early access has been up for over a week. The server system they have for that game is so extremely bad. Please learn from their mistakes. They split up regions and they have multiple servers per region. The EU side of the Xbox version is dead. So dead already. It's like 50 people playing the game on my server it seems like. Suggestion: Put everyone in the same loving server and we'll all play together! Hurray
  4. Any speculations on how AFKing will be on Xbox? It's a very big part of the PC version. But it's way easier to leave a game on and minimized on PC then on Xbox.
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