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  1. For some reason it’s not reading the itens from storage nor letting me put the worker to start working. This is not working properly please fix it...
  2. EU times are horrible too. Everyone at work or school.
  3. Weapon; Black Abyssal Longsword Shield; Vangertz +15 Helmet: Grunil +15 Armor; Grunil +15 Shoes; Loure’s lost Earrings; Treant Spirit, Chimera’s Pupil gem Gloves; Strength Gloves of Heve +13 Belt; Treant spirit’s hope Rings; Asula’s crimson eye, Shrine Guardian Necklace; Kaia Total AP/DP 121/170
  4. I apologize, it’s working properly. I’m not quite sure what happened tho, might be a weird type of fish I putted into or sth.
  5. SoyBeam

    Managing CP

    I saw in a YouTube video that you can check how is your CP being currently used distributed between; Houses, Node investments and rentals. Problem is that on PC you basically mouse over the CP icon on top of the screen to see that. Where do I find it on Xbox? How do I know all my CP points are allocated? I have 100/132 CP at the moment and I withdraw all houses, fired all workers, and get all points back from nodes but there’s still 30 points missing somewhere which I have no idea.
  6. I’m gonna double check. Problem was that was not letting me even start the cooking animation, which in this case would show some message like “cooking is not working”
  7. It’s not bugged. You’re prolly lacking something else.
  8. Region: EU Server: Serendia 2 Bug description: When I press the button “Start cooking” nothing happens.
  9. It’s the worse possible experience. Actually it’s a tie with typing with TV controller. I agree with what you said, if you claim to be the best mmoo you should be caring about details that make a difference on player experience.
  10. Since the game usability is sometimes challenging and complex, why not use the extra features of an Xbox elite controller for a better play experience? I'm talking about using the pads as buttons and options for combos etc...
  11. SoyBeam


    So...new region opened, new gear? What's your suggestion of set to get focused on right now with mediah?
  12. It’s a known issue. They should be fixed on this maintenance on Wed. There’s many other posts about the same issue, use search before posting it.
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