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  1. So anytime you try to breed a horse,exchange, or connect a horse to a wagon. It will randomly select and highlight another horse or multiple horses. My gf was trying to breed two lvl 30 horses. She selected the female she wanted to breed and comfirmed the exchange, only to find out it selected a lvl 2 horse instead. So now shes breeding a level 2 and a level 30 horse together instead of the level 30 she ACTUALLY selected. Can you please fix this issue! Also it would be great if you could make things right since it selected the wrong horse randomly.
  2. WitchesBeCrazy is a new guild looking to grow its ranks. Focusing on group leveling and growing life skills. Guild boss scrolls for liverto drops and guild missions for higher guild pay outs. Whisper FiveTonHammer in game or Fivefdp86 on xbox live for more info or an invite
  3. Anyword on when they will imcrease the horse tier beyond 5?
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