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  1. If there’s room, I’d like to join. Lvl 58 Sorc 459gs with a lot of PvP experience GT: RikE92x Character name: Kezia Discord: Riky#8788
  2. If there’s room in Havok, I’d like to join. I PvP a lot and am looking for a new guild. My timer has finished as well. Lvl 58 Sorc 459 gs. GT: RikE92x Character Name: Kezia Discord : Riky#8788
  3. Rocketfuel- There are many skills that you can only use a hot key for. Using your black spirit rage is one example. Witches and wizards have orbs they must assign to hot keys. A sorc can’t send a minion of darkness without a hot key. I’m not trying to assign moves that I can use normally to hot keys. And It’s not about memory flexing or memorizing combos, it’s the fact that I can only assign 8 items and skills to a instant cast hot key and that’s if I neglect all the other functions those hot keys allow. Certain menus and actions can only be reached by hot keys as well, which means I would have to reassign keys each time I wanted to fight and each time I wanted to reach a certain menu if I decided to allow myself easy access to ALL of my abilities. If PA follows my suggestion, I can slot all my items to one hot key and be able to use those items much easier, and I can do the same with spells, menus, and anything else. It’s not about necessity, it’s about quality of life.
  4. Slotting multiple skills or items in the ring menu and using them in mid combat is unintuitive in this version of the game. This is because it open a menu and we stand still while we select what item or skill we want to use and immediately use it once selected. We could make the ring menu more easily usable in combat by changing the way the ring menu works slightly. I would suggest that when you slot multiple items to the ring menu, the last item or skill you selected stays on your bar and can be used by simply hitting the d-pad button associated with. Additionally by holding the d-pad button down we can use the ring menu to select the skill you want to slot. So basically you hold the d-pad button and slot the skill, then press it once to use it. Many games such as the Witcher 3 or Red Dead has used this same system and it works well. Right now, I can only slot 1 item or skill to use it effectively in combat per ring menu assignment leaving many of us neglecting a large portion of our skills and items.
  5. The word “goal” is banned in chat completely. I can’t use a sentence with it. It doesn’t censor the word it just bans me from using it. This is the only one that I can’t figure out lol
  6. Thanks for the insight Hieraphant, it’s good to see that you weren’t griefed much, you enjoy the game and found a method that works for you. I would like to counter argue a few points however; You had the ultimate edition which put you in a position where griefers weren’t too far ahead of you as they were just starting out as well. The amount of pkers in game were miniscule at the time. But for players without that head start they suffer from constant pking and even when I come and kill the pker and save somebody it doesn’t do anything. He can keep coming non stop without consequences. For a player just starting right now, unless he finds a strong guild to take him in, he will be griefed at many points during the quest line. Just yesterday I killed 4 players who camped outside heidel by the kamasylva temple and killed anybody afk running by. They just respawned and kept doing it to passerby. Imagine not having a guild or mentor and just running into instances like that back to back. As the game goes on, more people will get geared and it becomes harder for new players to insert themselves into this world. Guilds like Apex, Havok, Panic, and Blood are already running wild. My problem isn’t just my guild mates getting griefed and me having to run over and kill a pker or two, it’s that I want this game to have as many players as possible and I hate to lose those new players (regardless of if they’re in my guild or not, on my server, or anything) to griefers. While I say this, I’m also not trying to stop pking or make it too risky to perform. I just want to balance the karma system to allow newer players to enjoy the game and make this game last longer. One of the reasons I left BDO on pc was because I came in so late that despite having a 450gs I would get grieved. I eventually quit and I’m a very competitive gamer. There’s no risk to karma in the pc version and we have a chance to do it well on Xbox with a new world.
  7. One of the key reasons why newer players leave BDO is griefing. I constantly see my new player guildmates frustrated that they get killed back to back by the same person because there are almost no consequences to going negative in Karma. For long term success of this game, we must keep players in the game as long as possible, and in order to do that we must slow down griefing a little. Not all negative karma players are griefers, some just are defending grinding territory’s but at the same time, other players need a chance to grind too. Generally, if a person has negative karma, it means he has killed multiple players or a single player who wasn’t flagged at least a few time. It’s too easy to go red and karma doesn’t really even matter in the game if we consider what the consequences are. Now, I’m not suggesting a huge hurdle to negative karma players; I was one at some point and I still kill people attempting to take my grinding spot, but I am suggesting we throw a little risk into the pot for those negative karma players. Introducing a respawn time for negative karma players is one way to slow down the ability of these players to grief, while not making it overwhelmingly difficult and risky to function as a negative karma player. By putting on a 1 minute to 5 minute respawn timer based on the amount of negative karma a person has, we can throw a little reasonable punishment at those players and make them think a few seconds before killing somebody. Basically a rough draft of what can be done is this: 200001 to 300000Karma - 3% increase to drop rate 100001 to 200000 Karma - 2% increase to drop rate 0 to 100000 Karma - 1% increase to drop rate -1 to -100000 Karma - 30 second revive delay -100001 to -200000 Karma - 60 second revive delay -200001 to -300000 karma - 90 second delay And so on down to -1mil Karma. We can incentivize positive karma and lightly punish negative Karma to balance the game. We can even create Karma “tiers” with fancy titles to make people feel like it means more. As things stand, we will drop in player count due to the harshness of open world pvp, and without a counterbalance we will lose the casual players who just wanna play the game. If we don’t balance this Karma system then we should remove it completely as right now it holds no real weight. What do you all think? Constructive criticism please.
  8. [NA] WitchingHour is recruiting new and experienced players to join us in node wars and PvX. The only requirements are to have a 300+ GS, be chill and active, and join in guild events as often as you can. We have bi-weekly raffles for pearls and other prizes, daily guild boss scrolls, PvP training at the arenas, and more! So join now and help us! Help us teach our 65 year old guild member how to play BDO and I’ll even sign a volunteer hour form for assisting the elderly! Help us clean the violent PK/griefer ruffians of Mediah 2 off the streets! Help us ensure that the Mediah servers aren’t overran by gangs of hooligans that plague the Serendia and Calph servers! #makemediahgreatagain WitchingHour is a competitive guild with 50+ active players and growing constantly. We attack griefers and help new players regardless of if they are in our guild or not. While all players are welcome to join as long as they meet our requirements, experienced players are thoroughly encouraged to join. We have a strong core of experienced players and are looking to increase that for PvP and mentoring our newer players. Comment below with your character name, family name, and gear score if interested. Once you comment hop over to Mediah 2 and our officers will come screen you for entry! If do not receive a party invite, message our officers personally! Officer Character Names: Celebrimbor Saoirse Quemara Kezia
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