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  1. I had that issue a while ago though think it was my internet because every game was lagging since I switched to another game & that was telling me my connection was bad. So after changing my DNS on the xbox I am hoping I fixed it because the internet became speedier and is working a lot better. Though I read in another post the servers are being terrible right now. If that is the case I wonder why truthfully. I mean i just came back from a 2 month (maybe 3 month) hiatus and I get a message saying my xbox was low on resources and that I need to close the game. I ignored it and then the game crashed me back to the home, I reboot up buy some pearls to change my lahns appearance then while changing the appearance I get kicked back out to the server select screen, I reboot quickly rechange my lahns appearance then head over to go do some exp farming then next thing you know get a message saying action can't be completed and was freezing in place. So I quit uninstall the game (somewhat out of rage thinking I wasted 10 bucks on pearls. Then started playing another game & the other game was telling me my internet was bad. So got then got the idea to change my DNS & the internet speed up greatly. So now redownloading to black desert to see if a dns changed fixed the issues. I mean it's crazy makes me wonder what happened to the servers while I was gone.
  2. I don't know I am playing as the DK (Dark knight) never played the PC version but after looking at videos the DK becomes like a close up mage after awakening? Eh no big deal in my opinion the animations looked cool & don't mind playing a close up mage if that that's the case?
  3. I stopped playing after mediah released I came back as soon as I saw the 4 classes where finally coming out. I hoped back on 2 days before the class update. To see that every server wasn't crowded & was like um OK this game died quickly. I was thinking maybe they increased the server population while I was gone but I have no idea truthfully. I see the game crowded now because everyone is playing the new classes but pretty sure the game will die down like it did until the next major content release. I mean I plan on sticking around this time even spent 30 dollars for a outfit for the Dragon Knight & renewed my gold membership (well got it extended lol). Also joined a guild as well. Anyway my only issue with the game is that it's to RNG based when it comes to upgrading gear. Other then that I absolutely love the game. But eh I find it hard to believe the game is dyeing the game has amazing graphics, gameplay, & loads to do. My guess is just going to assume it's only going to be crowded/active during major content updates.
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone If wondering I am a sorceress but eh I think I will do 1 or 2 more days worth of grinding in the vanilla end game area. To get my DP & AP a bit more higher at least try to get 120 DP or more then go to mediah to be on the safe side lol. Anyway thanks for the replies everyone greatly appreciated ^^
  5. Hello all I was wondering what was the recommended stats to start questing in the mediah expansion? I am now level 52 (57%) AP is 106 & DP is 115. So wondering if those are good to start questing in mediah? If wondering I am using Krea weapons & have a full set of grunil armor. If not then what is the recommended stats for mediah? I mean truthfully I am starting to get a bit tired from killing manshas, skeletons, & trents all the time lol. Want to go into the new area.
  6. Ah OK that is a lot of quests truthfully. I have turned that on a few times always turns off & have to re enable it again no idea why lol. Anyway eh probably going to do some side quests then or just continue grinding PVE enemies trying to get loot & stuff that way. Though surprised I am rarely getting black stones now getting them once in a blue moon from enemy drops. So eh might do side questing just for the black stones. Anyway thanks for the replies everyone.
  7. OK thanks I figured that was the case & was mostly asking if there where more quests after here sanctuary. Should of made that clearer lol instead of making it sound like I did everything lol. Anyway ok glad to know I just need to wait for more content in the story thought it could of been a glitch lol. Anyway yeah this game is the best mmo I have ever played truthfully (in my opinion). First time playing this to. Know nothing about the pc version lol. Anyway blah once again thanks for the reply ^^
  8. Hello as the title says I am wondering if there is anymore quests after hexe sanctuary? Only asking because no idea where to go from here besides trying to grind for gear lol. The black spirit didn't have anymore quests besides the daily's & special quests (I believe). I mean only thing I can think of to do is grind & level up gear not playing at the moment believe my AP is 91 & my DP is 92 (If wondering level 50 at 50.67%). So eh definitely need to level up my gear if anything but just wondering if there where more story quests or what?
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