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  1. Thank you! Do you know what monster Area I should look for it in?
  2. So when I researched this resource on google, every map that game up was so outdated I cant even recognize it at all. The Rough Black Stone is Apparently found in the Abandoned Iron Mine which is in Zone called The Republic Of Media. I can't find information about were that location is On the Xbox Version. Can someone please help!!!
  3. Hey I'm new to BDO but I've been doing competitive pvp on large and small scales on other games like Elder Scrolls Online, I understand how to seige very well in ESO. Even worked hard enough to become Emperor once. I have a lv 51 knight and a lv 40 sorceress, looking for a good guild with a strong dedicated leader. My discord is Lowbowski #2062
  4. Hey! I would really like to join your guild, I'm new but I've been playing the game alot have 2 characters a knight lv 51 and a sorceress lv 25, Im good at pvp on my knight, just haven't been in a real solid strong active guild yet. I'm 22 years old and my xbox gamertag is Lowbowski5 , Black Desert character name BustyRusty , Family Lowbowski Anyway If you do read this thank you for your time.
  5. No worries, It's actually on this website so don't worry we made it to the right place Show Us Your True Self Event!
  6. Gamertag on Xbox Is Lowbowski5 https://twitter.com/Lowbowski1/status/1105217793039904768?s=09
  7. On the "Customize your Character" Black Desert Official Launch Event labeled "Show off Your Character!" In the details on how to participate it gives a link to the event forum post the link happens to be Https://bit.ly/2t03on5 Yet the link doesn't work for me, does anyone know how to access that Official Event forum post? Thank you
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