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  1. Cheers bro. I didn't see that one yet.
  2. Hi devs, I finished all the main quests on the Main tab at the Quest section. Only section that's left is "Until we meet again". Whenver i talk to him, i can't progress further. Ive read the lines about 'Trust' and did that aswell but still bugged. On Reddit, more people havin the same problem. What should i do now? Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm down for it. M27, 54 sorcerer, got. Mic and active a lot on this game. Been playin since official release (march 4th).
  4. Hi all, I'm doing the investigation quest right now and need to search fir clues. Only clue I've complete was to talk with the Broman. I checked all thw stuff at the old book and broken wooden barrel. Have soend all my energy and none of the rest is complete now. Any suggestions? Thanks. In advance
  5. Hi all, I made this topic cause if this game. I absolutely love it but some stuff is kinda itsy bitsy annoying. -Fishing rod: you should be able to run faster with it once you can place it on your back. Cause if you wanna sell some fish, you have to change equipment to run faster. Would be nice to cholse wield or unwield with RS click. Plus the text of your fishing information that you need to hold down A etc. etc. Is kinda frustrating to see it permanently till you start fishing. Maybe it would be grest to see it dissappear after 10 seconds. -UI layout. It would be great to customize your layout on however you want. For example: make the minimap on top right a bit smaller if you want or to place your statusbas from topleft to topcentre. Its something small but changing the sizes of the ui would be really comfortable for us. -Chatbox. The chatbox looks really nice but sometimes it's hard to read what somebody wrote down to transparent background. You hae to turn your camera to a certain point to read it clearly. The size of the letters are ok tho. -Blocking. It would be great to block people that's toxic towards you and getting tired of their bullshit. Sometimes, the chat is full with trolls/toxic people. -Server time. It's nice to see the server time. But it shows the NA time on the EU server. Would be nice to show EU time instead of NA time. -Quest. To be honest , most quests show a nice route to the location you have to be. But when it comes down alchemy (simple alchemy), i couldn't find the tab. So i asked in chat and thankfully people helped. But would be nice to get tutorial in the list about how to reach processing menu with the buttons. -Escape option. The escape option is really usefull and I'm really happy about with lots of other adventurers! There is only a small problem with it: once you use it, it puts you sort of into an "safe zone". Sometimes it puts you like 5 meters away Where's still some danger going on which might ruin your chance to survive. Maybe a check to see if it can put you in the 100% safe zone. -Voice chat. It's great to see this option and works really nice but sadly only if you in the guild. It would be really useful if we can use it whenn we form an party in the game instead of "Guild Only". -Auto run. It's works perfectly fine IF you use this option without a marker. Once you placed an marker on the map and press auto run, its nice to get a drink quickly but when you come back, you see your player running into a tree and to find out lster that youre still 76393 miles away from your destination. Maybe a small fix that he followz the path correctly and dodges the obstacles ---------------------------------------------------------- These are the suggestions ive got for this game so far. I will reply on this topic once i find more suggestions But for now, i wanna give a huge shoutout for bringing this game to the xbox. Having a great time amd can't wait to see the future contents to be added in this game ❤️ Greetings, Sorceresstic
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