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  1. Thank you both so much. I figured it was something like that.
  2. I feel like such a noob for not being prepared, or knowing what I'm doing. So, I bought a Grunil set, got everything up between 10-13 no sweat. Lucky right? Then I get cocky and hit "Y". 🙄 Down it goes to 35/100 max dur. FML. So I think, whatever, buy some cheap green armor, all's good.So I go to Heidel, buy 5peices of green junk, and low and behold, doesn't work. Neither do my artisans memories. (Haven't made it anywhere important yet mind you, just doing black spirit quests and whatnot. Just finished a quest for some red-head chick in Calpheon. I'm not in a rush to play through the story and life skill myself to death.) WTF am I doing wrong?! Woulda liked to have +15 straight across for my tamer in the morning... Nope. Not gonna happen. So... Help a girl out? 🥺 Lol Running with a lvl 54 Tamer 81ap 131dp
  3. Well, I don't have an initial log in issue, I have a staying logged in issue... Any suggestions?
  4. I am currently logged onto my husband's account on a different Xbox in our home and still cannot get it to download additional files. I have cleared caches by hard resetting, have deleted the reserved space, cleared additional MAC addresses. Nothing is working. What's going on here?
  5. I have quadruple checked that I have the correct source of funds checked. But thank you
  6. I have over 22m silver on me, and any time I go to a vendor to buy something- ie improved hoes or health potions- it tells me I don't have enough money. I've restarted the game, switched servers, switched characters... Still an issue. Since the last patch, I haven't been able to search for specific items in Central Market with Lt+X. Also, when I uncheck 'repeatable quests' in the profile menus, I'm still seeing the repeatable quests icons on the mini map, and above NPC's heads... Got a fix for this?
  7. Ive gotten this error alot. Hard reset console, clear cache in Blu-ray menu (I know it's not a disc game, but if you play other games or watch movies this builds up) and cancel/ restart the update and additional download. It's a pain in the a$$, but the only way I've gotten it to work. Also, if you run on satellite internet, I think the connection times out.
  8. Being able to trade with other players would be helpful. I play with my husband, who plays a Warrior. He's always spamming his pots, so it would be helpful for me to be able to trade with him and lend him some of mine while we're out in the field. Even if that means he has to fork over some silver for It he trade to complete. I know it's an option on PC, and I know eventually it will be available on Xbox. But sooner rather then later would be best.
  9. With the next update could we see some UI customization options plz??? Kind of annoying seeing 4 lines of text AND our health/whatnot bars without an option to remove them...I know I'm picky, but I like to see the monster's bars instead of mine...
  10. I'm looking, but haven't found anything except the new 'News' postings. Would be nice if they'd post them.
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