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  1. Pls add me on discord. Im Lvl 59, 455 gs. Want to ask u some stuff Lilwedji#3444
  2. I have 1400ish skill points. Ready for awakening
  3. I finally broke 200 ap. But I'm also almost lvl 60. Just a ton of grinding and gathering for sharps. And hope that rng blesses u on accessories
  4. Have tri steel and wondered if bronze is better for pvp. I've tested both and am having trouble figuring it out myself
  5. I'm almost lvl 60 and I would really like to see how well I'm doing against others. Plus guilds need leaderboards yo make more informed decisions on decs and mode wars
  6. I don't get how you can have an mmorpg without a leaderboards. Maybe it's just my ego, but is anyone else waiting for leaderboards, and has anyone heard when they will be arriving?
  7. Almost lvl 58 and gear is not too shabby, plenty of experience on PC. Willing to do pvp and guild quests. Want to find a good group now that guild bosses have dropped. I know what I'm doing and I am willing to help in newer player guilds. But guild bosses is a must.
  8. How do you process and make ultimate reform stones? It says heat 10 lvl 3 weapon stones and 1 sharp shard to make. But when I process exactly that it just tells me it isn't working at all.
  9. I believe it will be a bug fix and additiong of RB. And as far as content goes i suspect they will be adding world bosses. I dont see mediah being added before world bosses and i dont see them adding new classes this early. I could be wrong. But i Definitely dont think we will see an increase in lvl cap until awakening. We should get that at the same time. And i think it would be smart to add bosses now. Mediah IMO should come in a week or two at the same time as lvl increase and awakening.
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