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  1. The poor old lady you have to turn the quest into after finding the items is not there. Not during the day or night. Have canceled quest and did again, same problem.
  2. Has anyone found this. I click on the book from the event but no arrow appears like when i click on the secret cave map i have.
  3. Is there a list of ports to open on router for bdo
  4. Game says cant connect to server. If i get past that and ti choose character it tries then back to home screen. Are servers down. I don't see it saying they are anywhere I can get in to game now but keep getting disconnected. Tried hard reset on xbox unplugging router. Still happening. I played shortly after update was finished and had no problems. I've never really had any problems with connection before with bdo. Keep getting the network is unstaible message in game to.
  5. I cant find where to send in tickets. Is contact us same thing
  6. I'm supposed to make npc bronze hoe. I've made a lucky bronze hoe, and she will not take it. Are they not the same item?
  7. It's happening in Heidel to. With every type of item.
  8. Account will not link. Tells the the account doesn't exist. I am 100% sure I am putting in correct info. I have triple checked my info on here and even changed pw to see if that would work. It does not. Im in U.S.
  9. SmaggIes


    Can't enter my purchased homes sometimes. There is no option there to do so. Relogging does fix this and happens rarely.
  10. SmaggIes


    Can't take CP off of Nodes. Says must first withdraw production node. I've already done that. Relogging does nothing.
  11. Item won't stack and cant take them out. Getting there is no item message and something about item from memory as well. Have relogged several times and it keeps happening. Will work for a small amount of time then does it again. This is ruining the game for me also others in chat saying they are having same problem. I'm done playing until this is fixed.
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