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  1. The teaser trailer that was released on Youtube has been set to private.. 🤔
  2. There's a roadmap on the news section of the website Lahn, Dark Knight, Striker & Musa are the next set of classes that will be released at some point. So there is no chance of Tamer and Valk getting released next week.
  3. Can't wait for Awakenings I just want my scythe 😆
  4. You mean the Shudad armour? that costume is exclusive to the Ultimate edition.
  5. Have you checked your mail to receive the box? once you do that it then goes to your Pearl Inventory (Press RB when in your inventory screen) where you have to open the box to get the pearls.
  6. Have you tried forfeiting the quest and then retaking it? I'm not sure that will work but it's worth a try.
  7. Yeah it's happening to everyone atm just keep going in eventually it will work also once you eventually finish the quest for some reason it will set the master volume to 0, if this does happen just remember to change the volume in settings.
  8. Maybe there is an issue with the main site atm, you should be able to use the same email address I have the same for mine.
  9. Your forum account and the account for the main website are separate accounts.
  10. you still need the duplicate gear to use the item.
  11. No just Heilang (the name of the beast she summon's)
  12. Before I had ever played BDO I seen the Korean trailer of Tamer's awakening it reminded me of Kilik from Soul Calibur (A game I loved as a teen) it's what got me interested in Black Desert. I also like the fact she can summon a beast (Which you can use as a mount) that fights a long side of you, She has high mobilty and just like sorc is hard to play which for me is all part of the fun of playing a class. Tamer and I guess Sorc are two classes that suit my play style.
  13. I'll try a striker out for fun but I really just want Tamer already, i hope tamer won't take too long to release.
  14. That bar is your black spirit rage meter each class has a skill that consumes the meter once it's at 100% and will do more damage than normal, you can also absorb the spirit rage to buff your attack etc.
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