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  1. Are u on NA? If so send me a message on Xbox GT Fearless963
  2. We are also looking for squad leaders that have leadership skills.
  3. If your looking for brotherhood or sisterhood and tired of feeling left out. Then this is the guild for you😎. We don't care what your AP DP is. 😄We're here to help you succeed and never feel left out. Our guilds mission is to log in and have fun😆. From guild missions, leveling, or even take a guild trip to the pirates island. And don't forget we love pvp . So if you're looking to run in a pack and have fun this is the guild for you. If our guild fills up we have alliance guilds you can join. So don't miss out and message me or leave a comment. We're looking forward to hearing from you.
  4. We are currently looking for Legends that are willing to work as a team and become Legendary. All members are required to participate in guild missions and bosses. If your struggling on any quest or bosses, someone in the guild will help you. All members that show leadership qualities will become squad leaders. If you have any questions ask.
  5. If your looking to become a legend, Please message me on Xbox GT Fearless963. I'm also currently looking for squad leaders. You must be active daily, run guild mission, and show good leadership to become a squad leader. We help all members with quest and bosses.
  6. We are currently looking for new Legends for PvP and PvE. And if your looking to be a leader we have some spots open as lieutenants. All lieutenants must be active daily, participate in the guild quest, and help their fellow Legends succeed. If you are interested or have any other questions, please message me or leave a comment.
  7. Legion of Democracy is currently looking for members. We changed leadership and our name. All levels are welcome to join us. We are here to have fun and we don't leave any one behind. Message me or leave a comment if interested.
  8. We are currently looking for new guild members for PvP & PvE . Please message me on Xbox gamertag Fearless963 if interested.
  9. We are currently recruiting members for our guild on Xbox. Please send a message to Fearless963 on Xbox if your interested.
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