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    Try that out bud
  2. GreatGazoo

    PC player looking for guild

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    Grey_Beards/ Mature recruiting

    Apple pie
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    Lvl 57 ranger gs over 350. Looking for guild

    Everdark will too!
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    [NA] <Everdark> is recruiting active players

    Need tacos in this sea of sausages 😁
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    Lookin to join a guild

  7. Hi there! Everdark is a new guild that is recruiting active players! We are a mix of ex pc and new to bdo group of players. Our guild encourages pvp, pve and life skills! We do not mandate that you drop whatever you are doing to do guild missions/activities, nor do we mandate that everyone has to participate in a node/siege war. If you are interested, please reach out to these GTs - ”Amet Wolf” or “KILLERPENGUIN43” or “GreatGazoo23”