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  1. Nope, atleast not the last time I tried to use one on my shai.
  2. Go to settings and make sure you’re settings ingame enable chat with all players and not just certain ones.
  3. Same here. I ignore it most of the time but occasionally it gets annoying because it’s in the way of me seeing something I kinda need to see
  4. This is the wrong forums section. This is the Xbox section, this should be posted in the PS4 section. they added an option on our version to adjust the screen.
  5. I can get behind this. Playing a Shai is basically a life skill class. Having the wagon allows you to do more gathering/life skilling without having to run to a town as often.
  6. I have found that farming or butchering has had a better drop rate on them for me. Try different methods of gathering and see if you get more.
  7. If you’ve already accepted the quest to go to level 59 then There should be an item in your inventory called a memory fragment or something like that (looks like a black shard, not the yellow circle ones) you click on it and you will get the progress needed for the quest. If you don’t have the item but have the quest accepted then abandon the quest and accept it again. You will get the item and then you can use it and complete the quest.
  8. You get the item yet? They usually get it pretty quick. I know mine took around 72 hours (was a tri chest piece if I remember right) but they eventually nailed it to me and I immediately locked it. Just make sure you lock the gear you are using just to be safe .
  9. Depends. If it was an item already available because someone was selling it then it is in the central market wallet. If no one was selling the item then it is preordered and the money was taken out to hold the order until someone fulfill it or you cancel it. If you cancel the order you will get the money back
  10. This should be in the PS4 forums not the Xbox forums. We have no clue what the stuff for the PS4 is here unless it is general knowledge (town names, where certain items drops, that sort of thing)
  11. This is the Xbox forums, this should be posted on the PS4 forums.
  12. Downtain


    I’ve exploited the trade system in world of Warcraft plenty. Spent around IRL money and bought gold off a website (was a lot cheaper and faster than buying the tokens and selling them on the AH). While it is considered a violation of their TOS there really isn’t a way for them to prove that it was. This is the reason that PA does not have the trading system (although I’ve heard that on PC they can trade potions and other misc. items, which I guess could be exploited to give money as well if you were to trade enough of them)
  13. I’ve been going through trying to comment on their posts with the link to the proper place but there is unfortunately a ristriction to how many times you can post in a certain amount of time.
  14. Thinking I will make a tamer when it comes out. Not sure if it will become my main or not but if I like it more than the lahn then it may. Was also thinking about making a mystic since it is rather similar to the striker (just a female version with slightly different skills) im hoping for tamer to come first though.
  15. This is the Xbox forums not the PS4 forums. Click here for the PS4 forums. also, as mentioned before; the rewards should be connected to your PSN not your family name or character name.
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