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  1. Downtain

    2nd half road map 2019

    Again, since it is coming in July and not this coming update it is technically part of the second half of the year which should technically make it a part of that road map. That being said, if it is delayed it should be posted on the website or forums, not only said in a live stream as not everyone can see the live streams. (I haven’t been able to watch them since around the time mediah came out for what ever reason they just won’t load/play for me even on YouTube).. that being said, i get that it is something that has to be coded and that bugs/issues can arise while coding the regions making it fall behind schedule, these things can’t really be helped, but to have things delayed and not announced on any of the official platforms (website or forums) is rediculous.
  2. I personally don’t. I’ve had an issue the last few times where the game does something odd. It will disconnect me but will show the screen as if I’m still ingame fishing. I can still see the inventory and everything just can’t see my character, can’t move or discontinue fishing and it stops actually fishing.. for this reason I keep my TV on so that I can check it from time to time ensuring it’s actually still fishing, otherwise it was a waste of a night of AFK time.
  3. Downtain

    2nd half road map 2019

    Technically if Kamasylve is not out with this update (26JUN2019) then yes, it would be part of the 2nd half of 2019 instead of the 1st half. Which means that their website is falsely advertising it since it states it would be in the 1st half of 2019. Regardless of if it was said on a stream or not, it being delayed is not posted anywhere on an official page (be it the website or forums). that said, they have basically stopped even looking at the forums from the looks of it. They were posting regularly about the updates on here but haven’t really posted anything about the updates for a while now.
  4. Downtain

    Should I buy

    So a lot of the classes are gender specific, yes there are some classes which are similar for instance witch/wizard, striker/mystic but there are differences in them.. really I would say as the previous person did, try it with your game pass, if you like it then get it, if not then no harm done.. as for your question about outfit customization, there is an ingame option to remove the hat/helmet of most of the outfit sets (only one I can think of that it doesn’t is the one you get for free from the quest line).. if you have a value pack (which you can get for like $20 a month or so) you can also change the color of your outfit to any number of combinations to fit your style more.... honestly you could spend the entire first couple of days/weeks just doing character customization and still have missed something while doing it.. luckily with the value pack I mentioned you can access the customization menu at any time to be able to change the characters appearance up.
  5. Downtain

    Add camera zoom out function

    Camera can be zoomed out.. hold the right stick in for ~3 seconds and pull down on it or push up to zoom in or out.
  6. Downtain

    Add reply back button to tickets please

    Yup. I’ve run into this issue a few times myself.m I’ve sent a ticket in, got a response but I had to respond to it however couldn’t as it was marked as completed so opened a new ticket and got a response from a different GM even after having specified it was in response to a previous ticket which was answered by the other GM (even listed the name of the GM). The new GM responding didn’t know what it was about so I had to open yet another ticket
  7. Downtain

    New Field Bosses NEED timers

    Shot wouldn’t be fitting.. slow torture is more like it.. it is a completely rediculous and moronic idea to spawn the boss’ at random times and on a random server as well.. either set a specific time for it to be on a random server and announce the server like 10 minutes before the spawn or have the time be random but spawns on all servers..
  8. Downtain

    Cp dishes

    A lot of people are with you on this . Even those who weren’t PC players are wanting this because it is a fundamental part of the game. Without them in the game a lot of people become stagnant in their progression because there is nothing more for them to do.
  9. Downtain

    Did not receive shudad armor for ultimate edition?

    As uberkull said, only those who preordered the ultimate edition got that set.
  10. I agree, just something they can fix later. It’s nothing game breaking.
  11. Yup they fixed the time (after kzarka already spawned)
  12. While that fixes one of the questions posed it doesn’t address the original posters question. (Though the event times advertised even the updated ones are vastly different from the reality of the time they actually last. As in instead of being from 12PM to 5PM PDT it is more like from 12PM to 1PM PDT)
  13. Downtain

    Kzarka still needs fixing please

    World PVP is disabled during the boss fight so that is not possible to be killed by invisible players. Also it seems to only apply during the boss fights so wouldn’t affect you outside of that.
  14. Downtain

    Is Asula bugged?

    Must be a relatively new issue.. I managed an Asula on first day of patch. So must have come about after the boss issue was resolved.
  15. They were posting a notice ingame that there is an issue with the time table for kzarka which was going to cause him to spawn 3 hours early for the second Sunday spawn.