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  1. Is there really? The people I fight usually dash and run away for a few seconds and turn it off. Then there name turns blue and the pvp symbol is gone. That means I can't attack them right?
  2. Please don't allow players to suddenly switch from Force PvP in the middle of fighting. I feel it would make more sense to require a player to be on standby before toggling it. It gets really annoying when people flag up to try and kill you, start getting pummeled and then turn it off so they don't get killed or receive adverse effects. Of course I could toggle it to finish them, but I'm not trying to lose karma and I feel like being able to turn it off while fighting is an underhanded move people can do.
  3. Wow, how happy I would be, I have been consistently coming back after 5 hours with 0 ancient relic crystal shards, before the update I was getting 5-7
  4. Valor

    Pet issue

    It sounds like no one knows what the issue is. For all speculating, the reason it was disabled is that you are currently unable to choose a skill to keep from your current pets before you exchange them. This can be bad if people have desirable buffs that they want to keep, such as a combat exp +5% one.
  5. As I just fat finger deleted my Pri Grunil boots, I realize now why I think this system would be good. Giving us the ability to lock items such as equipped gear would prevent the accidental deletion of unintended items. It would also prevent us for unenhancing them and doing anything on them unless we unlocked them first.
  6. Prestige is currently a small sized guild (17 members) covering a wide variety of levels, we don't have any requirements other than that the player be active and friendly. -Our main server and channel is Calpheon-3 -We are semi knowledgeable, but many of us are new to the game and here to take our time and level. -We do occasionally get in fights with other players, but if someone kills another guild member we are expected to go and help them. -We do not freely kill people unless they encroach on our grinding areas or are red named (they kill other people, we kill them) If anyone is interested in joining, my gamer tag is Estrongel, just send me your family name and when you'll be on so we can make sure you get in, thank you!
  7. Glad to see all of the servers have equally disgusting chat, feels bad.
  8. My idea is to create a UI interface with selectable boxes for -Server -General -Guild -Whisper -Notice Etc... And allow us to select them to decide which channels we see. Of course we can turn off the chat box, but if we are talking to guild members it becomes extra work to communicate with them as well as others.
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