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  1. Hi, everything you pretty much need to know is already here; it's a very small and quiet guild at the moment because most have moved on to PvP interests which my guild doesn't cater for, but we're a friendly bunch. I'm not looking for fame or glory. Hi Sarky, I'll be in touch later today when I get in. Thanks!
  2. Sounds like you have a TV 'overscan' HDMI setting, or even an old fashioned cinema zoom 16:9 function that needs adjusting. Try looking through those old fashioned TV settings and the display buttons within the Xbox settings themselves too.
  3. Agreed. The sense of entitlement BECAUSE of the road map was a bit too big. It's easy for some to think that, just because they bought a product/service, they own the business they paid money to and can tell them what to do while criticising every action made or not made.
  4. Another Wednesdays, another Maintenance-related bum's rush and more attempts to set my pet moths free. I didn't get to see anything this time around. Awakening is expected, so that's the main thing. What else? Good luck, everyone!
  5. We had another episode with the servers today; people couldn't change servers or log in, the Central Market NPCs stopped responding to Y and not able to enter houses. It got resolved eventually but it's something that happens a lot.
  6. You'll see a bubble erected around them, friends and guild members in close proximity. Make sure they are standing right next to you when applied, just for the initial casting, for best effect. It doesn't matter where or when the fight takes place, great for PvE, but not sure what effects the spell during PvP though. Not sure about safe zones either. I don't think that matters tbh.
  7. Noticed a lot of chatter, including but not limited to some of the usual PvP toxic salty chat, about guilds not allowing under 18s membership; I'm wondering how this could influence the game? Is there a guild exclusively for and run by teenagers that could take part in an organised league against elders? Considering it's a PEGI16 / 15+ rated game, does there need to be an additional mechanism in place intended for teenage inclusion? I'm just curious because I had a squeaker in my non-PvP guild who left for PvP desires elsewhere (it happens a lot, happy to help with their tutorials and intermediate levelling), but to see that they could have been denied by more elite guilds without reference is somewhat discouraging. We know that most people aren't fully cooked until around 25 years old anyway, but I'm wondering what the elite determine precisely as mature enough and how they apply that to a specific number of age?
  8. Hi, thanks for getting in touch; I'll try to add you tomorrow. Please keep an eye out for any messages from me then. Thanks!
  9. I thought I'd have a tickle at the Zerk, and the game gives me a quest where I have to kill owls sitting on branches above. I... don't think I have an attack suitable for this? Quest: Hunting Owls, from Western Guard Camp, target is the owls sitting in trees in Forest of Seclusion. Not important, only a side-quest, but raised an eyebrow. Might come back with the practice flintlock (shotgun) later.
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