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  1. How many people playing in Xbox is gonna jump to PS4/5 is what should concern us lol
  2. Ye sure you get 10 hards in 30 minutes.
  3. Rerolled witch. Lahn is bae now. Getting used to it its taking some time.
  4. Yup. I would say 70% of all my workers are professional or artisan.
  5. For central and southern naga marsh you gotta do the third option in Heidel crossroads. It will take you to Glish and at some point you will talk to Kanna. She gives it for 8 energy each.
  6. No the first time I've seen this haha
  7. Nune


    Yeah... My penguins took a few weeks. It'll come.
  8. Nune


    T3 seems fine to me for now. Guess I'll buy a crow. Thank you.
  9. Nune


    Nice. Is there a huge difference between T3 and T4?
  10. Nune


    How much pearls did it cost you to make it t4? Out of curiosity.
  11. Nune


    Seeing it's a one pet per family... How can you get it to T3? Smash it with what?
  12. Can't believe they screw up so hard.
  13. Yuo I checked but I can't send them to inventory. I'll wait till maintenance and then submit a ticket.
  14. I got the same response. I guess the items are in storage, but we just can't get them out... Guess we gotta wait now.
  15. I have seen a server notice that says that there is a bug with pearl items in warehouses. So that's that. I believe they might be looking at it. Although I don't know if we getting back our pearls nor when...
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