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  1. At the end of the day why should we the player do the GMs job? For a message from GM Calpheon stating we'll look into it? Dont get me wrong I have reported so has probably a lot of people... if reporting worked this wouldnt be a problem... PA needs to enforce their own ToS. Unmonitored chat with the dumbest filters ever created isnt enough.
  2. Lols... rosar... just wait on kzarka
  3. Aye it does ... I have a feeling MS Rep would get confuzzled if we reported a chat name. Tbh it's fun to see all the different names but people shouldnt be able to hide unless you friend them that's just strange.
  4. @Darthaden Cant see guildie blue without server orange @MakeumRage Be nice if server chat somehow used GTs... probably impossible to report effectively
  5. I agree with you hax Lead the charge! Personally I think we need mods (volunteer or PA). I mean I'm a big boy but the chat gets downright obscene. Edgy trolling is acceptable and tbh expected but, outright pedophilia, racism, sexism etc ... that should be moderated. I mean I heard people defending that guy saying freedom of speech. Look no one wants the mental imagine of hanging 50 black people from a tree. This is unacceptable. But hey GM Heidel gave him a 60 or 120 sec mute and the guy started right back up... PA needs to show a stronger force and mute people/suspend more often. Saying your in chat all the time... laughable. Otherwise chat wouldnt be 500 degrees of toxicity 16 hours a day. (Mornings are usually nontoxic and great). Set an example! Take from the past... name and shame! Mute for an hour! Mute for a day! 60 secs for dropping the n bomb 20 times in 5 minutes with heidel giving warning after warning... it looks spineless. Not to mention poof heidel disappears and the guy goes again undeterred.
  6. <Invicta> is recruiting! (NA) -> 350 GS Req -> Vet Leaders -> Helpful bunch -> Node Wars... (coming soon) -> Tri-Weekly Boss Runs -> PvX -> Discord -> 60 Members
  7. Let's not forget it doesn't always give us the stupid **** censor... say some innocuous sometimes that shouldn't be censored and it'll say "Banned Word" and delete what you wrote.
  8. Really PA... 9pm-11pm EST every day for node wars? Can we get some variation?
  9. So I remember seeing something on the beautifully typed up notes of the stream. Disappointed it didnt make it into the patch (at least I havent figured it out) Are we still getting one so we can focus on just guild chat instead of server chat 24/7?
  10. I usually press lb lt rb rt a in order fast and it works. All at once is always a bust. (I'm sorc)
  11. Hey all, If your on Balenos i'm sure you see me post from time to time to recruit members. We are currently 47 strong with level 3 combat skills/level 2 fishing and looking to expand our list to 100. We offer 14 or 30 day contracts to anyone that joins and we are a friendly group of players. I always take the time to help anyone that needs it and to share my knowledge from playing on PC along with some of my officers who are also PC vets. If you are new to game, which I know many of you are, and are dismayed by being belittled or trolled for asking a question in chat. Please feel free to reach out and join. I played exclusively on the Balenos 3 Server under the characters Kandy or Marsha. Have a great day! Alky
  12. Alky

    Crafting Bug

    I owned a Tool Shop in Heidel and this bug occurred then I switched to owning a Tool Shop in Glish and the bug persisted. I've tried restarting the game and trying on other characters and it is still there. I am trying to craft an advanced cooking station for my lifeskill toon. The toolshops icons for a level 1 toolshop line up appropriately but as I level up the tool shop it seems like it repeats to the point where none of the icons match what I am trying to craft. I.E. the advanced cooking station lines up with an alchemy picture. I am going to try to craft what I want to craft but, if I end up getting an alchemy station instead of an advanced cooking station, i'll be understandably a bit dismayed. Hopefully you all can look into this.
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