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  1. The central market deleted everything u had in the storage, all my yuria kriegsmesser, saiyer ornamental knots and the seeds I purchased. And keeps saying that the time cannot be registered in the central market. I was trying to collect my seeds and it made everything vanish and keeps popping the message up when away from the cm. Wasn’t attempting to register anything. NA,
  2. About us: we are a guild that plays daily, from life skilling and grinding to fighting players. The leaders consist of players who play daily and have pretty good knowledge about everything that BDO has to offer and are happy to help players, new and experienced. Requirements: unlike some of these guild that have minimum gear score (yuck) Frosty_Empire is open to all as long as your 16+. We will be using discord to coordinate, and talk away from the console. With us we will make sure that you can reach a 250+ gear score if that’s something you wish. Why chose us?: The leadership with the guild is very friendly. We will be working to build relationships with everyone in the guild to make them into a family instead of just rando commandos. We will help with everything including leveling, questions and quest. We play daily, making sure to do guild quest, scrolls and other big events as much as we can. If skilling and leveling is what you want to do, or just run with a group of people to fight players crowding areas (since BDO needs a new genocide) the Frosty_Empire is the place for you. For or any other questions and concerns please feel free to message the guild master Xbox : NovaxFrostx Discord: DefientlyNotSmurfin#7881 or post a comment below. Happy hunting~ https://discord.gg/smzsMpv
  3. Hey guys as the title says, we are recruiting all players currently. We are looking to grow the community and help guide players to their goal of becoming their true self! If your interested in learning about the game, or coming together to do pve then pm me here and we can talk more! We will be setting up a discord relatively soon for a joint access of knowledge
  4. Hey guys! It’s me nova, I’m a streamer who is almost affiliated with twitch! I stream everyday and try to answer any questions my viewers might have, host giveaways, and stream events. Come and check us out at twitch.tv/novaxfrostx. Current giveaway is runnning once we hit 50 followers.
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