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  1. Nope the only thing the ssd does, is change the load time from starting the game to getting in, and changing servers. Prolly like a 8 second difference.
  2. I dono I never got that, and I have left it on for days at a time. Both on a xbox x and a xbox s. The xbox x uses a ssd, and the s uses the garbage standard hard drive. Though when I did leave it on for days i did not have it on 4k, and the xbox s doesnt play at 4k, or even 1080. Are you playing it at 4k? It is probably that.
  3. Sounds about right. It isnt at 1080 either for the s so changing that wouldnt help. I dono what resolution it is other than its lower than 1080. The xbox x has problems running it st 1080. I have both I use the s to train my horses, but they both do what your taking about.
  4. That is a guess, but for the last 4 days every time I leave my xbox on to horse train, when I come back my character is either 100 feet away in something, or standing off my wagon next to it. Worked fine before these last 4 days or so, I have been using a route that worked before. Is it just my xbox messing up, trolls, or something else?
  5. They arent gonna ban you. Just people messing with you, never take any one seriously who says you will get banned other than Microsoft.
  6. You did Haha. The economy here is definitely communist nature. Capped controlled pricing, the players cant really participate in any of it, other than what the developers set it to. Which creates artificial shortages, like they always do in a communist economy. Example would be say if you could sell value packs here. They cap the price let's say at 14mil. You wait in line like every one else, to get one and they are distributed random. Which makes it so there are never any value packs on the market. If it was a free market and you could set your price, then there would always be a value pack available on the market. Might have to pay 50 mil, but it would be there. 100 percent right out of a communists economic hand book.
  7. I didnt know you could do that. Thanks for letting me know.
  8. This isnt na PC, this is xbox. They srent comparable. In PC it's way easier to cheat. The only reason its 15 billion is because they set it at that, and 15 billion that many years in is easy to get. They literally gave out 100s of millions for free with thier rewards and gambling systems. Regardless free market would be better, and give more value to silver, and get more people to actually buy the peral shop stuff. Vs capping them at 5, and setting the prices to what they want. I didnt really play for a whole month all I did was log in, by the end I had over 200 million, from doing nothing, but doing thier gambling board game. So you comparing 15b na stuff to xbox is useless. If you played xbox since it came out 12 hours a day, and sold the max peral items, you would be at the point where silver is worthless to you. There would be nothing to buy, and the shortages of everything, would make it useless to try anyways. Even if you did, you would literally never run out of silver ever.
  9. If you actually read any one it you would know why so what its controlled. Which is also why I have to re write my points. I didnt copy and paste them. The only question here is why respond to me, your response to me is going to be the opposite always because you dont like me.
  10. They should just make it simple, instead of all this utter nonsense, and let us set the price. I understand on PC why, cause 90 percent of PC players cheat, use bots, buy from bots, ect. On xbox these are not problems at all. So we would all benefit from a free economy, because unlike PC no one can cheat. Well they could if they were skilled enough, but they would get banned. Getting a 300 to 600 dollar xbox banned is quite the deterrent. We would benefit the dev's would benefit every one would. People would buy more peral items to get the stuff they wanted, making them more money. Every one who worked hard would get what they wanted, vrs randomly getting lucky. Ect ect. With 0 worry some one will bot or cheat, because on xbox its extremely hard. I mean I dont know why any one at all likes this system of nonsense. It literally would be like if they sold xboxs at 50 bucks, but at each store they only had enough for 100 people. Yet at each store there were over 1000 people wanting one. Adding in that the people who bought it for 50 could not sell it to any one, it was linked to you forever, and no one could use it but u. Unless you brought it back to the store and they sold it again for 50 bucks to some one else. Utter communist nonsense, that always leads to shortages. Just like this game where there is a shortage of literally everything, and always will be. We are all equal in the luck though, so there is that.
  11. I see my bad, I didnt know what you meant by kr sorry about that. I get what you were saying now. Yep that is 100 percent true if in kr no mervs with value pack, we are doing much better.
  12. I enjoy free market, not this, and it 100 percent is because it is a communist market place. If it was not than the richest would get it. The price for the item would get high enough only the rich could buy it. Here it is 100 percent luck based, and who knows if you will get it or not. You dont know how the system is set up to give it out to people. Its random, and luck based from what I can tell. Yep it is better than the original one, no doubt there. It is still 100 percent garbage though. It should be we set the prices, and test what it is gonna go for. Yeah I understand your appeal to the communist system, where they set the price for you, and you hope you get what you want. It just means you dont enjoy free market, and like it when it's all done for you. Which if it was free market you still wouldnt have to sit there and participate, every one else would set the prices, and you could pay or not. The developers dont play the game, they have no clue what the prices should be they just put them in. Like the t4 female horse at 300k its rediclious. No one will ever sell one, so rich or poor no one gets a t4 female horse unless they do it them selves. What it does is makes silver in this game almost entirely worthless. It is a more even playing field the communist way, for every one. Which is why paying money to this game doesnt give you much of a advantage. I would much rather have it with we set the prices, the rich get the item, and the poor work for getting the money to get up there. Simpley I guess you like the China, Russia communist way. I like the west free market way. The China, Russia way is more fair to the majority. The west free market is more fair to the people who work the hardest. You are out right lying to them when you say they will eventually get the item for silver, because it is random and if they are super unlucky they wont get anything. Unless you got some Intel I dont, that states to the t how the developers choice to give who what, when the prices are all the same.
  13. This is for people who dont really understand the economy on this game. The economy is communist based and controlled by the developers. They cap sales, control prices, and make it the way they see fit. So yes you could sell 5 items a week and make around 140mil a week, the problem is that isnt gonna help you. Items are controlled by the developers, so let's say u have 10 billion, the high demanded items are in very limited supply. The developers control the prices. So let's say a armor pieace was set at 100m, 1000 people want it, and only 100 are willing to sell it. The game will randomly sell the item to 100 people at that 100m, and 900 are going to be left with out the item. Doesnt matter if you have 10 billion or not. Some of the prices they set are so ridiculous and stupid, that no one will sell the item. A t4 or 5 female horse, minus the cash shop ones you could get with the 50 to 100 dollar packs. It takes between 60 to 140 hours plus to breed a t4 or 5 female horse, and the t4 female price is set at around 400k at level 1, which is beyond ridiculous. No one who took the time to get that female t4 is gonna sell it to some one for 300k, unless they dont understand that 300k is nothing. So this game is far from pay 2 win, because it's too random, and communist. It is entirely luck based to win. Luck and grinding. You literally could grind and be real real unlucky and never get anything. I'm talking like dumping 1000 hours in and 1000 dollars. You may not get anything. When some one who dumped 100 hours in and no money, but extremely lucky could have it all. You cant real money transaction anything, there are no bots on xbox, and having multi accounts wont give you much of a advantage. So at the end of it all it's not pay 2 win, its luck to win lol. Here the rich and the poor are basically all on a even playing field of luck, and grinding. Manipulated and controlled by the developers control of the economy, which has nothing to do with us players. We are all equal here Haha. The elite are the developers, but they dont actually play so they are not even in the same class as us. All players here are the same class, rich to poor. It's like a poker game with a set bet limit, vrs a poker game with no limit. A person sits at the table with 100 dollars 10000 and 100000. If there are no limits on the bet the one with the 100000 will more than likely win that match. Vrs if there was a cap of 10 dollar bets, every one is on a more equal footing. Vrs say a true pay 2 win game like say eve online. In eve online has nothing to do with luck, if you dumped 10000 dollars into eve online you would instantly have everything, max level for the ship and skills you wanted, a endless supply of money almost ,that you can spend cause it is a free market there, and anything else you wanted . Though in eve you can grind it all and get that and everything can be found in game, nothing is luck there. Or a even worse pay 2 win game uncharted waters online where the gambling boxes equal high end gear, and the only way to get said gear is from the gambling boxes, though you can buy it in game from the gamblers. High end gear gets super expensive, and there are no caps on how much. So the very rich always have a advantage over the poor, and always have better. Like a free market does with elite rich at the top and poor at the bottom, with the illusion of if you grind 10000000 hours you can get to the top with the people who spend 10 grand, but the majority never will. The only ture pay 2 win could be said of this game is the xbox x. I say that because with it you can get a pretty steady 60 fps at 1080, and I am not sure the fps are locked at 60 or not, so maybe more at 120hz. But most xbox x players I have met put it at 4k, which it drops to under 10 fps at times and caps at 30. 1080 60 fps gives you a huge advantage over some one at 1080 30 fps which I bet the xbox s and original are capped at, I haven't check that tho. Or some one who plays at 4k 30 fps.
  14. Basically its random like the loot, and everything else in this game. I dont honestly think any one knows how the game choices who gets what. Only the communist dictator dev's do. Since you cant actually put a price in other than what the communist dictator dev's set it as. So if there are 1000 people wanting the item you are talking about, and only one person a day puts it in there, all 1000 people have the same max bid who knows how it decides. The central market is stupid and straight out of communist rule book, but the alternative is people selling in game stuff, which currently is impossible to do. Though on xbox that would be way easier to manage, so maybe they will actually fix it. Changing it to where we can set the prices, not the communist dictators who run the game, which would be giving us a free economy, instead of this communist managed trash. Which they should, because it is way easier to ban people from xbox who cheat, use bots, and try to RMT. That is why say neverwinter economy on PC is all messed up, compared to the console game. Which is why mmos are always better on console, because PC players are like 90 percent cheaters, because there is that option. Where as xbox you dont have the option, and if you choice to be a cheater by hardware hacking ect, they will ban your entire 200 500 dollar xbox. So I'd bring xbox cheaters down to like 5 percent. If Microsoft could ban a entire 2300 gaming PC, PC cheaters would be like 1 percent haha. So that's what the guy meant when he said you need luck. Its stupid as all hell, but the dev's love thier communist dictator hold over the economy, setting prices they know nothing about to what they think they should be. They love it because one it gives them power, 2 it makes them money, because they can manipulate the system to favor items they want to sell, which also makes people fed up with waiting and just buy the item they want for cash. It would be like in communist Venezuela, where you could by pass the wait for bread by paying another form of currency, that the government benefited from. The most ridiculous price I have seen is on horses, it takes legit 60 to 140 hours or more to breed a t4 female horse. At level 1 they sell for like 300k redcilous. No one is ever going to sell a female horse which is why there never is any. I am sure it is the same for 90 percent of the items, because the communist dictators that have hold on the economy have 0 clue what is in demand and what isnt. As xbox goes though it probably will be recieved better, since xbox by default has no options, and Microsoft tells you what settings you can have, under thier control, with many hidden settings no one but Microsoft has control over.
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