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  1. Some drops are also not just items. You can receive a buff. So essentially it may seem like you picked up nothing when in fact you received a small buff. Look at the small icons that show up near your chat box and you will notice it
  2. Glad you finally (lol) got it resolved
  3. Get a bigger TV? JK, in all seriousness, I think the FOV could go a little further but not too much due to the aspect of PVP. Being able to see too far out would make pvp kind of unchallenging. Just my opinion
  4. There is a 30% tax
  5. +1 coins are great as death fodder
  6. I play a Lahn and at lvl 55 and gs 385. I have to agree with you. The Lahn needs insane accuracy to even be viable, over 300. She is extremely hard to control due to the amount of movement she makes with skills. Her self healing skills need a look as well, 3 hp replenishment on a good hit is nothing. Getting 2 shot in pvp with 240 dp as a melee class is rediculous.
  7. +1 somebody didn’t test it and instead just followed what he/she read
  8. No, it has been out for 4 years and 8 months on PC. It has been out for Xbox for just over a month. Release date on PC was December 14, 2014. Regardless, they may or may not change things on the xbox. I lean more towards they won’t as most ports don’t and typically follow what pc does because it is an easier way of patching. I think everybody needs to stop saying they can’t, won’t, etc as none of us know truly what will happen unless you are an employee of PA and have decision making authority. People can make suggestions and let PA decide what they will do with such. Let people hope and dream. If it doesn’t happen oh well and if it does good for the person that made the suggestion. Not everyone will be happy with everything.
  9. Your one of the lucky ones I guess. I got the xp icon on one character but none of my other characters had it. Kind of screwed up if you ask me
  10. You have to ban all the remaining members then when you are the last one remaining you can disband the guild
  11. If you swap characters after hot time has started, you don’t have the xp buff on the character you swapped to. What I’m asking is if you get the increase drop rates for bsa and bsw regardless after swapping characters. You would think the event was any character but it’s not when it comes to the xp buff. The first character you log into during hot time gets the xp buff which means that character has the buff all weekend and can’t get it on a different char which kind of sucks
  12. So I guess what ever character your on when hot time is started is the only character that gets the exp buff? What about all the other buffs like more drops? Does that apply to that one char as well or to all chars?
  13. Yakira

    Cooking bugged

    Was using purified water, switched to the standard mineral water and still get the same issue. Even failing here and there on single attempts. Have skilled 7 cooking so no way I should be failing this much.
  14. Set up ingredients for “Good Feed” and selected multiple times. Processing works the first time then fails the next. Have to keep setting ingredients each time
  15. Happens with pets as well. It shows them running up to grab loot, but nothing shows as a notification of what they picked up.
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