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  1. I can confirm that you can buy different versions of the game (once each version) and you will receive all the contents. For the standard edition, $29.99 version, you will be getting exactly your money worth (pet, 30 day value pack, 500 pearls) as you are missing out on the $10 for the game itself. For the deluxe you are getting about $20 extra and for the ultimate you are getting about $60 extra.
  2. It costs 1450 pearls per +16 inventory slots, which is $14.50 USD.. About 80 get unlocked from playing through the game and a value pack ($15.00 per month) adds another 16, so that is half the total slots. To open up the rest it will cost about $87.50 USD...and that is just for player inventory. If you need extra space at a single warehouse it is another $3.00 USD for +8 slots. For a game that is $10 for the base game, it can get really expensive really fast.
  3. Thank you for finding that. That does make sense as you can only buy/own one copy of a game on a Microsoft account unless you are sending as gift. I only have the base game and my 7-day Value Pack expires tomorrow, so I might as well give it a try and see what happens. Worst case, I ask Microsoft for a refund of the higher package if I don't get the items from it in my in-game mailbox. I shall report back whether or not it works. Since I only have the base game I won't be able to comment right away about doubling of items, but at least we will be that much more sure it is possible.
  4. Other classes will come later on. Right now there are only the 6 available.
  5. Thinking on the same vein... What if you bought a lower package initially and then bought a higher package on the same account. You would be paying for the game twice (extra $10) but would you receive a second copy of the pets, horses, additional pearls and value pack days, etc? Would this allow you to keep the characters you created and just add the extra stuff instead of starting from scratch or spending a lot more money on pearls to buy the things included in the higher package? I happened to go for just the base game because $10 is a low entry fee for a game that looking interesting but that you don't know if you will actually like it. Also, never having played the PC version, I didn't know what any of the items included with any larger package were or what benefit/value they would have. But now, a week in, I would not mind the Ultimate Edition as it actually contains over $200 worth of goods (if buying separately from the Pearl Store) that would be of great benefit.
  6. When the city has a lot of users it in, it can take a little while to update both inventory and storage. Either wait a bit or disconnect/connect to the server and it will be fixed.
  7. The inventory limit is 192 I believe, so it would take a lot of expansions to get to max inventory.
  8. I still can't grasp the concept of a game that was just released to have so many players bored enough to chatter so much crap instead of playing.
  9. I have found this too. In certain caves it will get almost pitch, but running through the woods is always bright enough to even see the monsters that blend in. I am running on the original XBOX One on a 60" Sharp 1080p TV, so it's not the 4k or HDR that is causing the issue of brightness. There is not a gamma or brightness control anywhere that I have been able to find.
  10. There are words that I am looking at and thinking "what the hell are they trying to say?" Another one that comes up too much is when talking about a player's cl***. Meanwhile anyone who wants swear and say all the offensive things, they just seem to get around it with a slash somewhere in the word. Letting people create their own words to censor (or have a button to turn censoring on/off) or block people would be much more effective.
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