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  1. The XP buffs, I'm surprised no one else has mentioned this.
  2. A few updates back, we, as officers of our guilds, could get the "Pledge of the Blood" and utilize our guild buffs. But since this update, it has gone back to the old way of "Only the Guild Manager" even though the text at the bottom still says "Guild Manager and Officer".
  3. On any other town which has a storage manager, you can access the town through the map and see what items have been stored in the town's storage or the horses in the stable. When I select this town on the map and choose the option at 12:00 on the radial wheel (enter), there is no option to press "Y" and view what's in storage or what's in stable it just shows the town.
  4. So we can aim our cursor to whom we plan on sending our Black Spirit Rage to in the rage transfer but we cannot aim to whom we wish to resurrect. That is inconsistent.
  5. I submitted my ticket already but I sent my TRI Kutum Vambrace to Altinova from Velia after enhancement and my game crashed at some point and now the transport just keeps going back and forth forever and ever PLEASE GIVE ME MY ITEMS BACK or LET ME CANCEL IT!!!
  6. That followed by a hard reset produces one of these lovely guys...
  7. This is still happening and now that I have MORE workers all over the map it's now impossible to click on the "Amount" of jobs to be done my resources change because the cursor jumps to a "worker" way below the one I clicked so therefore showing "NO Resources". Come on This is really getting ridiculous. I'm about to post all of my videos on YouTube and post them here because by the time I scroll to the bottom of the list of workers to click the little button that lets them do more than one single job the amount of resources turns to ZERO. Why has this been going on since launch??????????????
  8. This is the new Anti AFK bug, you get disconnected in about an hour. RIP AFK, thanks to the most recent update. I get that "Authentication Failed disconnect" BS every 100-150 beer crafted, can't even make a fishing boat without it crashing, and I am usually asleep or grinding mobs or maybe even just auto running somewhere. Boom, this update hates you...
  9. I don't know what is causing the issue but I have friends with way less progress than myself. I have three characters over 56, one 57 and five at 55. I also have three processing over professional. And I still get only 755,000silver. I even have more family Fame than all of his categories, and he still gets double what I get. Please look into, possibly a grandfathered bug on maybe pre-order people involving family fame.
  10. If you build fishing boats or wagons on Xbox, and you have a character that you left at lv. 49. Then you should know the pain of the "blink", it happens when you get the notice " to use the clear memory piece" even though you have been blinking this message to me for months now, I have been deleted the memory piece, so give up I don't want that character to be lv. 50. This rant and that message aren't without grounding. That message causes a disruptive problem while trying to change the amount of "jobs" I tell my workers to do on my boats. I have to scroll all the way through EVERY worker and by the time I'm near the bottom BOOP it blinks and I apparently went from 10k Black Stone powder to ZERO. ...…........... Suggested Fix................... Just place the "Change" button above the worker list that is displayed when you click "Manage Crafting" from a wagon/boat workshop. Thank you and I hope this gets where it needs to be.
  11. I have noticed that if your items sit in the market and the value of that item has dropped below what is "selectable," when selling, your item WILL NOT appear in the items that are for sale. As if they "fell" off the market and so you have to cancel your potential transaction. Then just simply put it back up with a price from the "new or current" price interval.
  12. I feel you man, nine characters, 6 are 55, 2 are serious and are 56 and one is my lil negative guy... No box, Kzarka S rank knowledge as well... Been running world boss ever since.
  13. The first photo is for perspective, the second is to show you a zoom of locale. Bug: 1. Enter world map 2. Enter Calpheon through the world map 3. Attempt the view the options of the Eastern most residence Attached to Calpheon East Gate 3 at the furthest east is a building that you cannot click on with your cursor while browsing the city through the interactive map. Suggested Fix: Extending the user controlled cursor boundaries over the City of Calpheon while browsing residences.
  14. I was wondering if we have the Equipment Tailoring Coupon yet or am I just not seeing it?
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