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  1. I would recommend logging a ticket with the official website for the Xbox Black Desert here: https://www.xbox.playblackdesert.com/Support/Qna They have been pretty great about responding to every bug and question that I have submitted in a very timely manner. Perhaps, they can give you better advice without you having to get a refund. It would be great for you to stick with this game. I’m really enjoying it.
  2. Please follow the steps below in order to resolve the issue. - Press Xbox button - Go down and you will see manage game and apps - Go to my games and apps - Press see all - Find Black Desert - Press the menu button (One with the 3 lines) - Manage game and add-ons - Go to saved data and delete - Restart the game
  3. Description : After downloading today’s update, installing it, and resetting my console, when launching Black Desert the first time, a patch was downloaded and completed. A message advised me to “restart the game”, so I exited to dashboard and quit Black Desert. After waiting a minute or so, I launched the game again. The patch downloads again, and I see the message saying “Notice - Failed to download additional data. Please try again later.” This happens EVERY TIME the game is started. The patch download issue referenced above prevents character/server selection. The game redownloads the patch abd does not advance past the point when the patch was being verified. I have sat at the patch verification screen for well over 10 minutes, and it still has not completed. Due to this issue, the game has become completely unplayable.
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