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  1. The Southern Nerd

    Patch Notes Review

    If you aren't sure what to pay attention to in the patch notes OR don't feel like reading check out my quick review over the patch notes. I highlight what I believe to be most important!
  2. The Southern Nerd

    Easy Farming Guide

    A lot of people I play with weren't farming and requested a video on how I set up my farm in the beginning. I figured someone on here might be in the same boat and could use a helping hand so check out my video if you haven't set your farm up yet OR if you want to see how a SOUTHERNER farms in BDO LOL!!! Thanks for any and all support!
  3. The Southern Nerd


    Hey y'all! I just posted a quick tutorial on how to get your farm setup without using a lot of CP or TIME! Please check it out and let me know what you think! Thanks in advance for any and all support!!
  4. The Southern Nerd

    New players to BDO universe

    I just made a quick and easy farming guide. If you haven't started farming take 10 minutes to watch this video and you can see for yourself how easy it is to get set up!
  5. The Southern Nerd

    3/20 Scheduled Maintenance talk

    If you want to listen to a redneck talk about the important points of this update PLEASE... Check out my new update 1.3 video! Thanks for any and all support.
  6. The Southern Nerd

    Update Allows Notifications to be Disabled!

    I show footage of turning it off in my very brief update video..BTW congrats on winning that contest WeAreLegion!
  7. The Southern Nerd

    Recommended Ap & DP for mediah

    OMG I ran into some HUGE trouble. Spoke to soon lol
  8. The Southern Nerd

    Not so much a stream...

  9. The Southern Nerd

    Hardest BOSS??

    I died from this boss and I've seen several people who also died!
  10. The Southern Nerd

    Pet slot question

    As far as I know you can hold on to the registration until you free up a slot. Not sure if that helps
  11. The Southern Nerd

    Recommended Ap & DP for mediah

    Can't be any worse than some redneck who stumbled upon iMovie lol
  12. The Southern Nerd

    SUPER FAST Mediah Questline!

    Yeah he looked amazing but was extremely underwhelming.
  13. The Southern Nerd

    Recommended Ap & DP for mediah

    I've got less AP and more DP with pretty bad gear to boot. Also 52 and completed them pretty quick. I ran into a few snags though if you want to check it out.
  14. The Southern Nerd

    SUPER FAST Mediah Questline!

    Part 1 of a walkthrough on all the Mediah questline. I'll post part 2 tomorrow!
  15. The Southern Nerd

    Dim magical armor quest ?

    I just looked at the topic line and assumed it was about the new update. Sorry if I was wrong!