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  1. At lest I know why. They should tell you that in the pearl shop though. Thanks
  2. The 6 part bonus is -chest, hat, knife and staff. That’s all the outfit comes with. Nothing else I add seems to change the set bonus. I have added a lip ring, earring and eye patch separate and together and the set bonus does not change. I can not put anything else on if I wanted too!!!!!! There is nothing else I can put on and yet still no 8 part bonus. Here’s the new pics. Someone helps please!! @[CM]Shirna
  3. Thanks for trying but no good. Have removed everything then just put On the set from Pearl shop. It only gives Gives 6 part bonus only. Then added ear and underwear from pear shop. Still says 6 part set. It’s so frustrating!!! I appreciate you trying though
  4. Can someone tell my why I am not getting the 8 part bonus to my pearl shop karlstein Purchase?? I only get 6. I also have the underwear and earrings on and the black pirate eye patch too. Some help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Dang! Way to go my friend! Have not gotten any luck past t5. Was thinking they are not in yet. Wow and 3 of them! Awesome job !
  6. Seems so random as to if you move up a tier or not?
  7. So we definitely have a bug in pets then.
  8. This is a strange one. I have several pets but on the t3 pet, the pet information tab is not working?? It works fine on the t1 pets but when I try to look at the pet information on the t3 pet it makes a noise like it is opening the window but does nothing.
  9. I did notice. Lol trying to find out what tier we can breed too. I use the companion app myself as well. I really love it to see what level u need to get your horse up too too get the best chance/guaranteed next tier horse. This is the pic of it.
  10. Ya that’s the problem. Do not want to go for a tier 6 or tier seven if it is not out yet. 😕 hopefully someone knows soon
  11. Forgot to mention I just got my first tier 5 horse
  12. Shadowalker

    Horse tier

    Hey all fellow players! Just wondering what people have manager to breed there horse’s up to so far?
  13. Any breed anything higher then tier 5 yet? Just wondering:)
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