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  1. Manos ruby earrings off CM or you can do the craft grind yourself, can only be crafted in altenova (not sure on spelling) cad rings, cent belt, sil neck. If you can't get them right now I would grind sealed power rings & earrings & get core neck & belt.
  2. Bump... We now hold 2 nodes
  3. Baby bump 👶
  4. A little bit of history about myself in MMOs before I comment about Bdo, I've played MMOs for years Ever quest 1 & 2, WoW, WAoR, Guild Wars 2 & some Asian MMOs, I've always tendered to play PvE as a healer & my first time trying real PvP I enjoyed was in WAoR but I was my chosen class type of a Healer (Warriorpriest), my first combat PvP was Guild Wars 2 (was OK but didn't fit my mindset at the time) so as you can see I've always been more PvE focused. Now to BDO, I came in to this game after a little research knowing this is a PvP focused game & has been for many years on PC, I didn't see that changing on xbox but I went ahead & got the game anyway just to try it, I got in to this game & enjoyed it from the get go. I got to level49 before looking for a guild & was a little worried about taking that step to end game PvP, I found a really good guild that's helped & guided me in my PvP journey (so much so that I really enjoy this game). At the end of the day you got this game knowing it was a PvP game, its your choice to play or not play the game. BDO is & always will be a PvP focused game, My suggestion to you is find yourself a good guild & have each others backs & just have fun end of the day it's just a game. Respect from Zubin 😉
  5. You guys still recruiting? I'm a lvl49 wizard (going to do lvl50 quest when I find a guild) looking for a casual PvX guild like yourselfs. My in game name is Zubin or you can hit me up on xbox voice chat Alphastar1982
  6. I'm having same issue in Heidel as well 😞
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