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  1. I have the exact same problem i have to open the storage in epheria to make it work again, so annoying
  2. I keep getting server disconnections too started after the maintenance, can't stay logged in for 15 minutes at a time
  3. Hi, i have made a shipyard in Epheria and i'm currently in the progress of making of fishing boat! i've put all the materials in the storage that are needed. problem is when i want to put my workers to work from another location, doesn't matter where i am, i can't put my workers to work even though they have full stamina. I get an error message saying "not enough resources in storage" but it's all there. so i have no choice to visit Epheria everytime, open up the storage and that fixes the problem but it's very annoying. I always have to keep a character there to make it easier. Also another example, let's say you you want to process the bronze ingots and you only have 15 of the 25 that are required, my workers won't start either. On pc, this was never a problem if this problem continues, it will be a major problem when the sailing boat will release cause that requires a lot more materials then a fishing boat. The workers should be able to start processing the materials you already have
  4. Sounds like an interesting guild for me i like doing life skills, sometimes i feel like going on a gathering trip, fishing; depends on the mood i'm in i'm a pve person, exploring and progressing at my own time i can't always be online hours at a day, like the rest of you, i have a life outside the game (work, household,...) my bdo family name is Quickey, currently only have 2 characters; started as a warrior and changed to Striker
  5. I'm trying to do the following quest "A Harder and Lighter Tool" but i can't complete it due to a bug I'm supposed to make a bronze hoe but as you can see in the screenshot, the tool name is correct but the materials and result are not result is always a lucky bronze hoe, you don't need lead ingots but bronze ones screenshot is of my toolshop in Heidel but it's the same in Velia please fix asap
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