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  1. Did not the Xbox title of the section give you a hint that this is an Xbox section for Xbox users. Ps4 has its own section in the forums. Xbox xbox
  2. Drattz

    BDO App

    You should put boss timers on the app.
  3. Drattz

    Still no petals

    Still no petals today
  4. Level 56 Archer ran through all of the story line quests just finished Altinova. Afk fishing when not active. Not one, let me repeat not one petal. Something is wrong with the RNG.
  5. Drattz


    How is everyone liking the shai so far? i am really into the support class. I hope they do more content that makes us want to group up. She actually is a rather nice pve class. I’m thinking she might become my main for awhile.
  6. Trent said in a stream we won’t get it until Margoria
  7. NA The_Shaining its on the black desert Facebook page but for some reason I cant figure out how to link it here Currently ranked 35 in the beauty shop.
  8. Did I read something about a repeatable quest for donkeys? Or is that a pc thing?
  9. Drattz

    Lahn live stream

    I didn’t get to warptchnit last night. Does anyone know if it’s on utube or anywhere?
  10. I’m lookin at a horse with a camo colored saddle, i want one. Is it a dye or what?
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