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  1. Hello evryone, Since the last update I noticed the drops are horrible, is it just my bad rng or you guys have this too?
  2. Impetu


    So I have full tri armor set, kzarka and saiyer at tri. What accessories should I aim for? The are some zerkers that slapped me around pretty bad, wondering what the have build.
  3. Hello Evryone, Anyone else have this issue? I have 4 pets. 2 of them wont let me show the 'Pet Information'
  4. Impetu

    Skill Guide

    any good lvl 56 tutorials, i messed up all my skill points. before i buy a reset i want to know what is should add. all the youtube videos are PC based and have a diffrent skill window. i am on 815 skill points. and also wich skill add-on i should pick
  5. lucky you if this BDO life skill fairy also wants to add some points on my skills that would be appreciated
  6. Hello Evryone!, We are an very active guild with alot of friendly people. Some of us are PC Veterans and we also have some players that are new to MMO. so evryone is welcome! Our Guild schedule is based on CMT+1 (Amsterdam) time. Guild missions : Evryday at 8PM (Serendia-1) Guild Scroll : Evryday 9PM (Serendia-1) Please keep in mind that you're free to help out on guild missions and that is not an obligation. Most of our guild points are balanced between life skills and combat skill. depending on what most of our members prefer. We all like to have a good time and we are not afraid to do some PVP! >:) Joining MDK makes u part of a family and together we will make this a strong guild! You can send an message on XBL to gt: Impetu Feroci or you can send ingame friend reqeust to : Chamo (Serendia-1) p.s. english isnt my strong suit so sorry for my bad english :D
  7. Hello evryone, I can see the boss kzarka on the world map. When does it spawn?
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