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  1. I mean take what you want from what I said. If your selective reading is that bad to only read 5 words of what i said and make a point of it that makes no sense and has little weight to my statement, then I feel sorry for you. But I will forgive you... since it must be hard for you to function on a forum.
  2. Yeah idk about that. Account linking wouldn't give you the xbox version for free lol. I mean they have said many times they are treating the xbox version as a standalone version. No ties to PC besides the fact its pretty much the same game overhauled with some changes for the xbox. You would still have to buy into the game or whatever pay structure they want to go with. If there was account linking... there shouldnt be any bonuses besides maybe a title or something. Like I said it wouldnt be smart to give veterans a bigger advantage over new players with any kind of bonuses or transferring of anything from the pc version, it would be stupid from any standpoint.
  3. Ever think they dont want vets to have an even greater advantage over new players? exdeee
  4. Kasai

    Let's resign ourselves here.

    Would be cool for them to tell us that it's not coming out this year even if it's obvious. It would be a good step in the right direction on their customer experience.
  5. Kasai

    Is it possible?

    Lol you are the only person in this thread that doesnt understand. I hate the term vanilla because it's just stupid but since it is the only thing you do seem to allow past your selective hearing/reading. BDX is far past vanilla, bud. Any testing you did was wrong or maybe you dont actually understand what you are testing. Either way sounds like ignorance to me. Good luck in your future testing, my guy. Lol
  6. You think, I think so... Or do I know so?
  7. Kasai

    Video game awards thursday

    best announcement ever.
  8. The Blood Legion General is always in control (;
  9. *Update* We have developed our own bot in the discord for class roles, custom commands, and community management! Join us and check it out guys 🙂
  10. Yeah let's chat more on discord 🙂 Cein#2483
  11. What's up KingGame. Sent you an invite. With our powers combined I'm sure we will one day get a release date. And if not, together we will haunt PA to the end of its days.
  12. Kasai

    Looking for guild to learn and grow with

    Hey man. Would love to get to chat with you about our guild. For starters we are a hardcore pvp guild aiming for the top. Currently 80+ all active ready for launch. Established discord with custom bots and features. Knowledgable, experienced leaders, members, and bdo vets. My discord is Cein#2483 hmu if interested. @Voodoo77
  13. Kasai

    Lets have a race!

  14. Kasai

    Release date