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  1. This is an open invitation to come and take on <Blood> in a massive One versus ALL guild war. It will be a great and fun opportunity to see where everyone stands in strength. Also give us a chance to test the server stability for node/siege war! Message Cein#2483 on Discord for signups and location info!
  2. Devs sure seem to treat the community like its PC instead of its own version for xbox. lmao. Ask some of the content creators
  3. The fact that its being communicated to us after they charged everyone for the bundle is absolute trash. I honestly dont care if I have to wait for them to make the LE version for the other classes. But we should be able to hold on to these costumes if we wish and use them on whichever class we want.
  4. Level cap, content cap, class balance, controls. Ect.....
  5. Kasai


    Look guys lets not make a public matter personal. Anyway It's PA's game and they can do w/e they want with it. You are lucky to even be getting the game. Just be patient and wait like the rest of us.
  6. We will be participating in the test node war during the next beta. This is a good opportunity for any hardcore player that is green to bdo to learn first hand about node war. See you guys on the battlefield
  7. As long as you are a hardcore player, progress, and show up to siege every saturday... All that matters to me Add me on discord if you wana chat more. Cein#2483
  8. I agree. As the game becomes more popular you get more and more of those people who are attention seeking. Constant spam of inappropriate content/memes or harassment of other players can lead the community to a point of no return. Those people already exist and as soon as the current mods come around they behave. I really dont want this community to end up being so toxic. I think more mods is a great idea. Need chat police.
  9. yeah thats why NA won the twitch con tourny
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