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  1. Kasai

    Black Desert Stream #3

    Thanks Shirmin you guys rock!
  2. Kasai

    Awakening question in final product

    Level cap, content cap, class balance, controls. Ect.....
  3. Kasai


    Look guys lets not make a public matter personal. Anyway It's PA's game and they can do w/e they want with it. You are lucky to even be getting the game. Just be patient and wait like the rest of us.
  4. We will be participating in the test node war during the next beta. This is a good opportunity for any hardcore player that is green to bdo to learn first hand about node war. See you guys on the battlefield
  5. Kasai

    Veteran PC Player Looking For Guild

    As long as you are a hardcore player, progress, and show up to siege every saturday... All that matters to me Add me on discord if you wana chat more. Cein#2483
  6. Kasai

    The Official Discord needs moderators

    I agree. As the game becomes more popular you get more and more of those people who are attention seeking. Constant spam of inappropriate content/memes or harassment of other players can lead the community to a point of no return. Those people already exist and as soon as the current mods come around they behave. I really dont want this community to end up being so toxic. I think more mods is a great idea. Need chat police.
  7. Kasai

    What Server Are you playing on

    yeah thats why NA won the twitch con tourny
  8. Kasai

    Wizard Pros vs Cons

    There are many classes with a block that doesnt provide a DP bonus.. But still the strength of any block is based off your Damage Reduction. Witch does not get a DP/DR bonus from her block. Its only a 5 second resistance buff which does not contribute to the strength of the block at all.
  9. Kasai

    Wizard Pros vs Cons

    witch can only block once awakening comes, and wiz can grab when awakening comes but here's the kicker.. wiz can also block with awaken.
  10. New Feature! Custom Discord Bot Coded and Owned by Blood Legion Leaders !Commands: + Searching black desert database with interactive item selection (all within discord). + Interactive role and class assignments. + Countdowns and timers for events + Player Search function with stat information + More
  11. Kasai

    Launch Plans.

    that got fixed. doesnt work like that anymore
  12. At least it will give people time to build up some competition for us