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  1. Feels bad 2 eggs and i got a mark of shadow and Shultz neck
  2. Oh so incorrect.. while most is ported there are alot of noticable changes... also they been listening to the people and changing the game as we see fit... so def not a straight from pc clone it took pc 8 months to get med part 1.... not to mention classes like striker and stuff lol if it was straight from pc we would have awakening now and no striker or dk but musa tamer ninja and such Its usuallt the people who suck at playing them that say "trash tier and bad class"
  3. Wrong... you can upgrade the regular asulas now you hand in weakened ones for a piece of gear
  4. Literally my exact thoughts when i saw asulas upgrades.. so we had an entire week of no drops.... now we will add upgrades and weird weakened ways of getting them to flood areas with even more people now. We need atleast new servers med-2 already has 25 people at helms and its not even crowded. Atleast fix old quest that been broken since med2 update... thats a month btw.. before adding more crap stuff that was broke last week
  5. You are not seeing people quit cause bdo is hard.... you are seeing people quit due to lazy gaming... everyone expects free gear and handouts....if they want that tell em to get a pc and play wow
  6. If anyone sees or hears from dim armor upgrade quest please contact your local police department. Been missing since mediah patch
  7. So that would explain why grinding 4000 elrics and about 8000 helms got me nothing from the set hue hue
  8. Oof i am sitting on 175 armor and 82 weapon
  9. As a striker i am amped for our awakening i love it... the zerks are gonna be funny to watch trying to figure their mega man arms out
  10. People would talk this much if others could see their gamertags and report from mainscreen
  11. Yrah but no need for the racism or talking about doing stuff to lil kids... ayleast that is mediah servers chat
  12. I am seeing way to many toxic players in this game... from chat trolls to people who either die due to a gank or die trying to gank... can we atleast get an ignore feature... i like having chat up and seeing people help each other but the toxic people bypassing the filter and more gotta get dealt with
  13. Either way someones gonna complain....guys its hard to cater to everyone and its prob at most active times.
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