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  1. Options and i believe its the second tier down. Sorry reinstalling cause of that error
  2. Just curious what kind of xboxs do you guys run on? I run on an og xbox (just trying to do detective work) Nah man ark did this for months and months if not a year.
  3. Actually lots have been banned for this... Microsoft does not control a publisher or devs ability to ban people
  4. Sadly these are the days we need gms paying attention to forums cause i keep crashing every 10 to 15 minutes and getting kinda annoyed now seeing i just bought a book of combat to level two new classes with Yeah see i never got this error before
  5. So hard reset did nothing. Gonna try reinstall to see if that does anything. Sadly if it doesnt i know we wont get a fix for atleast a week which is kinda bs
  6. Ok so its just not me then.. i was worries my xbox was getting ready to poop. Trying a hard reset to see if that fixes
  7. I keep getting a message about lacking resources and then like 5 mins later the game crashes.... what is this. I will take a pic if it pops again
  8. Right here.. ready to grab faces and drag em
  9. Do you have the pet put... can only check their info if they are out... and pet skills are again only when they are out
  10. Also as far as the blackstone therpy goes.... have fun blowing tons of money on them cause you are not gonna be able to buy huge amounts of concentrateds for a long time.. even on pc still you wont be able to stock tons of concentrated without farming yourself... so they can spend cash and hit 15+.....kewl
  11. Yup so part of this chain is semi broken.. when you get to the part "the captured shroud" you gotta go talk to thr node manager by the cartian spell. And yeah you wont find some of these quest on bdo foundry cause they changed the name
  12. Nahh i dont i only have what you can get from cm. But i see people bitch about it constantly Not at all to me. But some think it is cause they don't have map awareness when farming and get bolted from a rando cause they fail to look at map. I see people constantly stateong valks/crons/pets/costumes/ghille are p2w
  13. Reason for different release times and stuff was due to controller mapping.. cause stuff like ninja has tons of skill ring moves but makes it hard cause you only have so many key slots without making it complicated
  14. I can agree its far from p2w... i spent 9.99 for base game have 5 tier 3 pets...365gs and costunes for 4 characters.... without spending a dime... and for anyone who says ghille is p2w is silly af.
  15. Also killing golems and gatherong on their corpse ( supposed to have a higher drop then regular gathering)
  16. Yes what he said but you will also only get one hawk.. even from future events with hawks you won't get any more
  17. We shall see so many mega mans
  18. Man are you gonna hate seeing a striker
  19. Bro now means i am tough? Its the fact i see you on here all day complaining stuffs in the wrong sub... stuffs not labeled right... people didnt ask a question how you would... or my favorite you never know the answer but beat around the bush for 6 days yelling at people.. you are daft af mate
  20. Not how it worked on pc but mmmk... also chill with the tough stuff... you gotta be one of the most annoying pricks i ever see on this forum complaining constantly and whiteknighting the gms.
  21. Umm bro there are 8 slots... outfit = 3 helm =1 aka thats first line....weapon =1 sub =1 underwear = 1and glasses = 1... thats 8.....glad you still comment these forums not knowing a thing about bdo.... and dont try to say the outfits 1 ... its always been 3 slots hence why it breaks down for the most valks
  22. I feel bad you say its p2w...their white dot still appears on map so you can see someine approaching.. took out like 5 ghille gankers today cause they thought it was sneaky to approach while farming ogres...Just gotta keep an eye on map while farming
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