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  1. Some of the delay I think comes from some changes they wanted to make in the PC version too. Because they didn't want to release xbox version with a bunch of shiny new features, without PC getting them first. Like the marketplace changes and quest line update. It's possible there are some more changes they are wanting to make, but it would be excellent if they would tell us at least what they're working on and keep us updated. Doesn't have to be specifics, even just a general "we're working on fixing some issues with marketplace function" or "working on a problem with trade", etc.
  2. Okay, by now we all have seen that AFK life skills require us to stay actively online with the game open, and it's all been nicely glossed over and ignored since beta. It's a really serious issue that needs to be addressed. If we're going to have to stay online for workers and afk life skills, there should at least be a power-saving mode similar to the way PC uses less resources when the game is minimized. Implement this missing feature, so that players can at least lessen the energy usage required, and not wear out our consoles.
  3. Enslar

    Few bugs I found

    1. In the Castle Ruins node, the Al Rhundi followers that spawn in a large pack up in the castle area, nearby where Al Rhundi himself is/was (? never saw him spawn) are not visible, but are able to be killed and can be seen on the mini map. 2. Party members more often than not appear with their hp bar over their head being black and looking as if they have no health. 3. Guild quest contribution doesn't appear to be registering toward completion. 4. Game crashes on loading screens pretty often.
  4. So in terms of the character creation complaint you had, the templates all have small differences in the texture/shadowing around facial features, that is mainly what you are trying to look for in the presets. Then you refine the character's face by using the sliders to make different looking face. It takes a lot of messing around with to get it right. There's a guide someone made on PC version for the character creator which was really helpful to me. https://imgur.com/a/M33gQ
  5. Enslar

    Beta Survival Kit

    Gotta eat good to keep going strong!
  6. Not pictured: Crackers, ranch dip, apples, plums, and a large bag of peanuts. I think I'm all set! What do you guys plan on snacking on while no-lifing the beta?
  7. 9. Will we have a mega server structure with only one server per region, and a lot of channels? Or will it be a multi-server setup similar to NA/EU PC launch?
  8. 1. Knowledge hunting, including the ecology grind, especially 2. New main quest line paths in the early game on BDX 3. Costume collecting (I have a problem) 4. Reward for time investment, imo BDO is a game that super highly rewards using your time wisely, and the more time you put in, the better you get 5. Red Battlefield. While I wish that the rewards were a little more enticing, RBF can be a really good time
  9. I'll personally be trying to save up my money for buying pets off the marketplace! Want higher tier pets for sure, but don't feel too comfortable with using real money on that type of rng.
  10. The only time conversations have been removed, is if the conversation ended up targeting or harassing someone, or otherwise violated the server rules. In your case, "No spamming, advertising, or referral links." It was decided by one of the moderators, that you violated this rule by bumping your guild recruitment message continually in the recruitment channel, by deleting it and reposting it multiple times, any time another new guild would post theirs. In hindsight, it was pointless to remove the post when a warning had already been issued to you, because it just meant that it had to be reposted once more. In the future, in a similar situation, the warning is sufficient and the post would not be subjected to removal. Hope that clears things up. 😉
  11. So...I've played a lot of BDO. One thing that I think should really change for the xbox version, is the fail stacking part of the enhancement system. It's no fun to sit in town for hours working on getting up fail stacks to make an attempt, then you fail anyway and downgrade. Have to swap to another character and start over fail stacking again, so you don't waste a fail stack that is too high for that enhance level, and spend all that time over again. Rinse and repeat. It would be much more simple, less frustrating, and less time consuming to just get rid of fail stacking and give each enhancement level a set percentage chance. Don't take away the difficulty of achieving higher grade gear, because that part of the enhancement system can be frustrating, but it can also be super rewarding when it goes your way. I'm not saying to make it easier to obtain high grade enhancements, but to make it to where you don't have to sit in town for hours fail stacking. To offset the resources that would have previously been spent on fail stacking, a silver cost that is dependent on the enhancement you're attempting should be added, along with higher level enhancements taking more than the usual amount of durability progressively. This way PA could still sell artisan's memories and make money off of people who are interested in getting things done faster, but at the same time make the process a somewhat less frustrating one for players. I just can't see this style of enhancement system sitting well with most console players, as they will want to spend their time being engaged by the game's content rather than spending so much time enhancing, sitting in town. It will just bore and drive a lot of people away from the game.
  12. Providing they let all of those people into the beta.
  13. For a majority of the community on here who have played on the PC version, I would imagine that performance is probably a huge concern in the upcoming console version of the game. On PC, players have experienced huge issues with optimization, with even the beefiest of computers having trouble handling the large groups of people present at world bosses and sieges. Some issues also come into play from the servers just not being able to handle the stress. In one of the interviews about the console version, I recall questions being asked about optimization and how large amounts of people in one place will be handled. It was said that the ability of the game to support a large amount of people in one area without performance issues is something they are working very hard on. I participated in the beta test for the PC version of the game, and from my experience with that beta test, it didn't seem like the game and servers were actually stress tested to see if they could handle the amount of people in game, and the amount of people who would be trying to log in at launch. At launch, I started with the 3 day head start, and even with the smaller amount of people at that time, there were issues with getting into the game. I think it's very important to work these issues out before the official launch this time around. A place where it was seeming to hang up on PC was the authentication process. The authentication servers were overloaded, unable to handle the amount of players trying to access the game at the same time. With all that being said, my actual suggestion is: During the beta, gather players in one place for an event. The event can be anything so long as it gathers at least about 200 people all in one place, to see how the game handles that amount of people. So that if it is still an issue, that issue can be addressed before official launch. As for the server part, the only way to really stress test that is to just allow a lot of players into the beta, or somehow simulate the server load by artificially increasing it.
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