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  1. It's not a ban. I havent did anything to warrant a ban. Havent even talked in world chat yet
  2. Our characters are glitched, its like we are still logged in but we are not. They need to force our characters to logout or just do a quick restart of all the servers. It would most likely fix everything
  3. Same, it's on their end. I had xbox support on phone last night. Opened ports, checked speed, cleared game data etc.. nothing. Guy from xbox said that it is 100 percent on black desert side.
  4. So they responded to my support ticket, GM Gilsh ask me to run network speed test and take a picture of the results. And to resubmit with that info. Lol I gott 700 mbps it's not my internet and my nat is open on all the ports.
  5. Typo * if they dont compensate me I will not spend any more on this game.
  6. They need to resolve this soon and compensate us with something as I have spent like 80usd and I will spend more on something I like and I like this game but I will not spend anymore if they give me something for this setback. My friends are 54 and stuff and I'm stuck at 49 when 2 days ago we were the same lvl.
  7. Mine updated for patch, told me to restart and I did, then this happened. Night before I logged out by just hitting quit on the game itself as I always have. Never had a problem before on this game or any other.
  8. I have already submitted a ticket for this also gamertag I B 2 TriLL.
  9. I cannot connect to the server. It says black desert server is disconnected[400]. Authentication is being confirmed[400] I have tried everything to fix this. Hard reset, cleared saved data cache, unplugged the xbox for 30min, reset my router, all ports are open. Nothing is fixing my problem and I have spent money ingame. Plz help me to get my account back working.
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