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  1. Bump. Please message listed players on Xbox, I don't check back here very frequently! Have a few spaces left in the guild.
  2. Still recruiting more active players! Make sure if you join you check out our discord!
  3. We are currently looking to expand, specifically people who are interested in Node Wars, but all are welcome
  4. Hey! I'm just now checking the thread, I will contact you in the morning or you can PM any of the listed people on page one, thanks!
  5. What EXACTLY is your problem with them putting this on Games Pass? That a ton of new people will get on and check out the game? Or that you spent money to buy the game and people get it for a couple bucks a month? Or you don't feel it belongs there? Honestly, who are you to say what belongs on Games Pass?
  6. @Nitroximus, what is your Gamertag?
  7. Bro.... That profile pic.... Do you wanna be taken seriously or nah
  8. Still have a couple spots for active people
  9. That Naga guy is a straight up POS. The value he adds to society is minimum, if anything at all..
  10. Currently 5 slots open for anybody looking for a group still.
  11. Feel free to message any of the listed people to get an invite or you can post here
  12. We have a few spots open currently for anybody interested.
  13. I'll be active today and Thursday for anybody interested you may message me on xbox or post here
  14. The work week has been pretty busy for me, if you are all still interested I will be shooting messages out tomorrow (Wednesday) or you may message me @zGnRz on xbox
  15. We are currently looking for more people to join the guild
  16. Turns out Xbox got the shaft on this where we can't get the actual good reward. No quests for us.
  17. You can level any of the new characters from now until Early may to get guaranteed hards and sharps. Level 45/55 grants 3 of each/ 5 of each respectively
  18. The black spirit doesn't have a quest for me (all the quest options in the quest tab are on) and I ran out to Florin and nobody there had anything for me either. EDIT: Xbox got the shaft, no quests for us.
  19. I will be contacting you guys shortly
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